Culmination of 7 days of Isha

Last updated on May 27, 2009

Posted on May 27, 2009

Yesterday was the finale of the 7 day program from Isha Yoga (Inner Engineering).  I think many would share my sentiments when I say that probably for us the life would not be the same any more.  Many, I am sure, will become vegetarians and those who were already vegetarians – will start looking at veggie diet afresh .. specifically from the Pranic standpoint.  We will obviously do our meditations etc.

But I think the biggest gain has been that one now feels more in touch with the inner consciousness.  It might be just a “make-believe” now.. since some of that feeling may be because of the atmosphere.. but there is a certain sense of inner peace.  I want to go for the complete course all the way through in this series.  It won’t be right away but I will go to the “end”.  It is tough to get this kind of opportunity and it is best that one avails of it.

So if I am following “a” path.. then was Krishnamurti wrong?  No.  The Pranic energy that rises as the Kundalini can be taken step by step to the penultimate “station” between the eyes.  But for the last journey ‘Sahasra Chakra”, which IS the leap from the finite existence to the Infinite… there is no path.  There is no instruction for it either.  There is no one who can tell you how to go about it.  You just know.  And when someone like a Guru pushes you further, or you can make that jump on your own initiative – then you go “beyond”.

How to get to that state is something that most Saints tell people about.  Books have been written and Satsangs have been detailed on it.  But the last step is not told by anyone.  It is like taking the pole vault jump.  As you reach a certain height, you leave the pole (the knowledge) and then try to go beyond.  There is fear and unknown trajectory and way.. but you won’t go beyond the bar if you don’t leave the confines of knowledge.  And so, that last piece of stretch is your to take alone.

Now, given how accomplished the Saints are anyways… for them the last step is the only important or critical step.  Other than that you are simply tinkering with some nonsense.  And that is true to a large extent.  But they don’t realize that there are people who aren’t even there.  For them, they have to be brought at the launching pad (so they can take the final leap).  Even from your Guru all you will get is a pat, rather push, on your back to get moving.  Rest is your Purusharth or self effort.

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