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Demonized Modi's Gujarat Initiative and Religious Discrimination against Hindus.

Narendra Modi, the Gujarat CM, for all his issues with regards to Muslims, has actually been a good administrator for the state as a whole.  In fact that is more than one can say about the other holier-than-thou politicians and adminstrators!  Here is a good article by Rajeev Srinivasan – one of my favorite analysts on Rediff.

Interestingly, in contrast to the Marxist’s travails, the much-reviled Narendra Modi has succeeded in getting industrialists to commit enormous amounts to developing ports and SEZs (no farmers involved, as the coastal land is mostly marginal and saline) through the Vibrant Gujarat initiative. See the excellent article in The Pioneer by Ashok Malik, India’s China, link thanks to readers Kapidhwaja, Abhiha and habc.It is worth remembering that Bharuch in Gujarat and Muziris in Kerala were the greatest ports on the west coast in classical times. Alas, in Kerala these days, it is Marxist rule again, and their friends the Mohammedans are running amok. Hindus are being killed, and hate posters are being put up all over Mohammedan-dominated Malappuram district, (5 injured in fresh attacks in Malappuram and NDF seeks ban on Modi). Why? Because Narendra Modi has been invited by a Hindu organisation to give a speech in Trivandrum.

Amidst the shrill voices of Muslims and Christians, the meek and low "Hindu" voice – if at all – is drowned when any atrocities are committed against those following the age-old faith.

The issue is that it was hardly a religion ever… and bigots and scoundrels over the ages have taken advantage of this fact.  But as far as the basic and most fundamental philosophies that underline Hindu/Vedic/Vedantic faiths are concerned, they have stood the test of time and in fact been – quietly but surely – been instrumental in affecting the modern scientific thought.  There are many Hindus who do not even understand the basics of the philosophies which provide the bedrock of what is called Hinduism today and so they would make statements that are made more as Western vassals rather than intelligent individuals who have any basic capacity to discern the right from wrong.  That has cost the entire generation of Hindus a long period of harrassment and discrimination.

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