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Dispatches from Undercover Mosques: "Moderate" fronts reveal their Uncompromising and Terrible Minds

We have discussed sometimes before that the “moderate dialog” in Islam and show of tolerance is just a front for what is even more sinister that is being preached, discussed and spread around the world.  Specially in the minds of the youth.

These are dispatches from Channel 4 (British Channel) where the reporter goes undercover to the mainstream and the main mosques in Britain and records what is preached in the mosques.  What one sees in mainstream and regular religious dialog is  mindboggling!  One suddenly wonders if all the talk of religious tolerance, the human rights, and women rights that many of these clerics and other moderates keep talking about are just a hog-wash!

To understand how this works, you will see it at every step and in every “moderate” voice and one can’t find more stark example than in the statement of the Saudi Government (which you will see in this film).  The themes are no different than what Osama Bin Laden, Hamid Gul, or others preach regularly.  That is what they totally and unequivocally believe in and work towards.

The message is uncompromising and of complete domination.  It is stark and terrible to even fathom what the kids and youth are being brain-washed with.