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Can prayers save a dying person?

Many believers say YES!  Most rationalists say NO.

Well, some say its a miracle.  Some say its a fluke.  I say its the property of the consciousness.  Its the VERY property of this creation’s very basic and most primordial substance – the energy.  And it goes to the heart of creation.  We have discussed earlier that Observation creates reality.  Well Observation ALSO saves decay.  So, if the entire world – or substantial part – could sit and meditate to save the world from Global Warming, I would not be surprised if the glaciers start forming back up.

Nonsensical Mumbo-Jumbo?  Well, couple of folks near my current town of residence proved it scientifically that “Concentrated Observation” can save the “dying”!  The physicists call it the “Quantum Zeno Effect”.

The quantum Zeno effect is a quantum mechanical phenomenon first predicted by soviet physicist Leonid Khalfin in 1958.[1] Later it was described by George Sudarshan and Baidyanaith Misra of the University of Texas in 1977.  It describes the situation in which an unstable particle, if observed continuously, will never decay. This occurs because every measurement causes the wave-function to “collapse” to a pure eigenstate of the measurement basis. In the context of this effect, an “observation” can simply be the absorption of a particle, with no observer in any conventional sense.

Its the property of the basic consciousness – its NOT a “Divine Miracle” .. and its NOT something that materialists scientists can explain.  But its a very objective and very simple analysis of how the creation occurs and indeed is sustained.

As Vivekananda took pains at explaining – “Creation” is in itself a wrong concept to explain the Universe.  What we experience is “MANIFESTATION” – and Sanskrit word – Srishti – really means manifestation, not creation.

What is manifested is upto our “Mind”.  And that is the root of “Maya” – the Illusion.  Its not because someone got happy at your prayers and because you are such a great “Believer” of that Godman or God… that you were “rewarded” .. but quite contrary to that, as “Saraswati” explains to Queen Lila in Yoga Vasistha very clearly:

My dear Lila, I do not really do anything to anyone.  Every jiva earns its own state by its own deeds.  I am merely the deity presiding over the intelligence of every being; I am the power of its consciousness and its life-force.  Whatever form of energy of the living being takes within itself; that alone comes to fruition in course of time.  You longed for liberation, and you obtained it.  You may consider it the fruit of your austerity or worship of the deity; but it is consciousness alone that bestows fruit upon you – even as the fruit that seems to fall from the sky really falls from the tree.