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I was recently watching the program on TV about the seven wonders, and what struck me was that even our own Desi Bipasha Basu had to say “Taaj Mahaaal”, and not “Taj Mahel” as it is pronounced.

I have constantly been irked by people, especially Indians, who agree with, take pride in speaking in a firangee accent, and even themselves change the pronunciation of things dear to us, even names of our Hindu Gods, to copy the way foreigners speak or write them.

The list is endless, but it has now gone beyond the point where it is no longer acceptable.  I don’t know when:-

Ram became Rama?
Krishan (or Krishen) became Krishna?
Ravan became Ravana?
Yog became Yoga?
Taj Mahel became Taj Maahaal

I am sure you can identify innumerable words like these.  Lets put a stop to this by at least spelling them the way they are supposed to be pronounced.