Dr. Singh signs the Invite for the next Pakistani Terror Attack

Last updated on Jul 17, 2009

Posted on Jul 17, 2009

Its Dr. Manmohan Singh’s “Bring it on” moment.  Now we are ready again for another terror attack, his team seems to have written all over the agreement with Gilani (at the Non Aligned Summit in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt).

Whatever strength Dr. Singh’s Government had shown in the pre-elections and post 26/11 days while dealing with Pakistan has been eroded and destroyed.

The Joint Statement has really let down India on many fronts!  Now, according to the statement:

“India was ready to discuss all issues with Pakistan, including all outstanding issues” – which essentially means that there is no way India can go ahead and seriously… SERIOUSLY mind it – enforce any pressure on Pakistan and its State and non-State actors.  In short, all the effort post 26/11 has gone waste.  If despite all that pressure, we couldn’t bring Pakistan down on its knees in terms of breaking its link to terrorism, then surely this statement and stand will let Pakistan basically thumb nose at India on everything, if it hasn’t.

If you think this is bad, then India went ahead and let the reference of “threats in Balochistan” into the agreement!  Now, if we know the background of the Pakistani rhetoric on India, then India has become a lynching entity in Pakistan because of the alleged link with Balochistan.  Now, THAT linkage is the main reason given by Pakistan to kick India out of Afghanistan.  The going out of Afghanistan will be an irreversible blow to India’s own future.  Because the victory of Taliban and its friends in Afghanistan – if US loses the war of attrition and India is thrown out – will mean unrelenting attacks on Indian cities.

The hypocritical Indian intelligentsia had remained quiet against terrorism and feigned “human rights” until it all happened in Kashmir and only the poor Indian army Jawan was losing his life.  Its only when it happens in Mumbai or Delhi that people wake up.  Unfortunately, even something as spectacular as the attack on Indian Parliament and the Mumbai Attacks have been all but forgotten.  Probably because the toll wasn’t as big as the one in 9-11.  Maybe that’s what it will take to wake us Indians out of our stupor??  When EVERY family in Mumbai – from Ambani’s to Deshmukh’s .. from Bachchan’s to Thackeray’s – loses someone in a bloody encounter… maybe then … .maybe THEN.. they will stand up to idiots like Dr. Manmohan Singh when he signs such a downright losing agreement and has the impunity to come home and look his countryment in their eyes.

Reactions on the Agreement:
Kanwal Sibal (Former foreign secretary): “We have inflicted a serious self injury by agreeing to include Pakistan’s concerns about terrorism in Balochisthan giving Pakistan a handle to demand explanations from us constantly on Balochistan,”
Muchkund Dubey (Former Foreign Secretary): “Allowing the mention of Balochistan showed “total ineptness” on part of the government.”
B. Raman (Additional Secretary (retd)): “Indo-Pak statement lets down the martyrs of 26/11”.

It is a shame that EVERY war that India won ended in absolute loss of advantage on every issue – specifically Kashmir! (Read The Betrayal of Tashkent in 1965)  And every terrorist attack that Pakistan orchestrated against India has in the ultimate analysis ended up in no more than a whimper from Indian establishment – whether Vajpayee’s or Singh’s.

Quite simply we need a PUNITIVE action.  Otherwise, the next attack will pale 9-11 in its numbers and outrageousness!  I hope not.  But I guess we have left absolutely NO option for the terrorist.  We have opened ourselves and sent a warm invite to them and broken the back of all those who fought amongst the policemen and the Army against those animals in Mumbai in the week of 26/11.

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