Drone attacks in Pakistan by the US from Shamsi Airbase?

Drone attacks in Pakistan by the US from Shamsi Airbase?

It now seems – from a Google Earth image – that the US has been flying drones from Shamsi airbase in Pakistan’s southwestern province of Baluchistan. It shows three predators there and The Times has confirmed that the location is indeed Shamsi airfiled (Bandari).

US has been targeting Al Qaeda using these drones to hit on the suspected terrorists. Ostensibly, the Pakistani authorities would have been in the know of all this![1]

It seems that in three days 60 people were killed in Kurram area and in the Waziristan areas.[2]

Where is this going now?

Reference Links:

1. Google Earth Reveals Secret History of US Base in Pakistan
2. Two US missile strikes in Pakistan in three days kill more than 60

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