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Empty Oxygen tanks, a death and normal becomes extra: Mess of US Domestic Airlines

This is a drill that bothers every business traveller in the morning but one has endure thinking that announcing the security and safety measures is a necessary thing.  And it is assumed that everything that is announced in that safety pitch will work.  Oxygen masks will fall and oxygen will actually flow and if God forbid something goes wrong, people can get some basic help.

Well, in this American Airlines flight, a woment died while she could not be administered oxygen.  There were two oxygen tanks there – so that was great.  But both were empty.  And the defibrillator was not working as well.

The state and services in the domestic airlines in the US really suck!  Recently some airlines have started charging extra for the second baggage.  For a family traveller, this will hit hard!  A few years back some started selling the meals on board, now the extra charge on the baggage.. while the service levels have gone down tremendously!

I think the only airlines that are worth travelling by are Southwest and (as of now) Continental.  There is no reason to travel on any other airlines!  In the next 5 years, the leadership of the airlines industry is for these two’s to lose.