Facebook going for a Redesign: to become World’s Best Personalized Newspaper

Facebook is achanging.  It is doing a redesign.  So that the content is properly displayed.  Mark Zuckerberg says – “What we’re trying to do is give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper,”

The Verge rightly puts it as being the Social Network of Record.

What Facebook actually wants is to be the social network of record, the thing you look at before breakfast and curl up with on Sundays, the app you’d take to a desert island if you could only bring one source of information. “There’s no other social service like this at scale,” Zuckerberg said, in a veiled reference to Twitter and the rest. “There are a lot of other great other social apps that allow you to share one type of content with one audience.” He made sure to note that those services “are great,” but Facebook allows you to “see all these types of content in one place.”

Facebook is already the platform where relationships are made and broken.  It is now entering a zone where the content, which is what people look forward to anyway, is further organized to make this as “THE” place to go to for information.

Just a month back a Pew report had suggested that – as addictive as Facebook is – people do take a break from it for different time periods.  However, the overall population continues to grow!

The report, from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, found that some 61 percent of Facebook users had taken a hiatus for reasons that range from boredom to too much irrelevant information to Lent.
Overall, though, Facebook’s user base is growing, especially on mobile devices. At last count it had 1.06 billion active monthly accounts.

Here is a video showing the new changes coming to Facebook –

Facebook overhauls news feed to give more space to music, games and ads

Facebook shakes up News Feed

New Facebook Design Geared Toward Mobile Use, Focuses On Feeds

Facebook adds more personal touches to News Feed

Mark Zuckerberg Announces ‘Personalized Newspaper’

Facebook Getting Ready to Change News Feed

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