Finally, a Guinness Record for Mahatama Gandhi!

We have all sorts of ways to get to the Guinness Book somehow.  At least this kids got to display their love for non-violence and peace.

Aged between ten and sixteen, the kids, most of whom are from single mothers, walked for half a kilometer distance at Mayo Road in central Kolkata during the peace march. Upholding the morals and ethics of the Father of the Nation, the walk metaphorically reminisced his principles of truth, justice and non-violence.
After evaluating and monitoring the event, officials from the Guinness Book awarded the world record certificate to the U.K.-based organizers TRACKS (Training Recourse and Care for Kids). “I am myself a Gandhi follower. This peace march is meant to inculcate Gandhi’s values and messages in poor children. We don’t want the underprivileged kids to forget the rich legacy of Gandhian ideology,” said Michael Anthony, who runs the NGO.
via Mahatma Gandhi Creates New Guinness Record.

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