Flogging under Sharia in Swat

Last updated on Apr 3, 2009

Posted on Apr 3, 2009

A 17 year old girl was flogged in public in Swat.  Listen to the cries of this lady.  Her crime?  She had come out of the house in company of a married guy who was not her brother or father.  This is just a few miles from Islamabad, btw.  Some say that the local Taliban Commander wanted to marry that girl and when she refused he charged her of adultery and used that as a ruse to order this flogging.  The girl is seen shouting in Pashtu.  She says “Please! Enough! Enough!” at one time.. and then “I am repenting, my father is repenting what I have done, my grandmother is repenting what I have done…”  The guy flogging then shouts to his colleague holding her to do so tightly!

Now, in all this… WTF happened to the GUY who was with her???  Women have to bear too much in Sharia Law for the downright “Haiwaaniyat” and “darindagee” or animal instincts of men.. and that is passed of as a VIRTUE!  I am not sure how this is to be done.. but someone has to “bell the cat” on this law and either throw it in the sea.. or rewrite it “ground up”!  It is not useful to hide behind Imaginary Divinity to uphold such Demonic principles!  And btw, if things keep going the way they are going.. then conceivably it might be seen on a street in Lahore by as soon as next year!

Reference Links:

1. Video: radicals beat girl, 17, in Islamic stronghold of Swat, Pakistan

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