Forget Fat genes, go exercise!


In US, there is an entire society built on accomodating Obesity.  Not obese people, but obesity.  It is as if the Americans don’t want to offend this rather privileged state of being in human beings.  So, myriad of theorires are created to explain why being fat is fine and inevitable.  After all no one can really fight the genetic structure.  And astonishingly, most of those with such genes somehow live in a small set of cities.  These are also the cities, by the way, which have a general prevalence of bad eating habits overall and very little exercising habits.  Of course, its all just a coincidence.  After all, as the story goes, its all just inevitable since its genetic.

But one scientific study done in Great Britain (thankfully, not in Mid-west state of US) now says to such apologists for Obesity – BULL SHIT!  Even if you have the genes for being fat, if you can move your butt just that bit, you can over ride what nature gave you.

I have been in Boston for last one year on a project.  I work in downtown.  Honestly, I have not seen many obese people and none super obese.  But if I spent just two weeks in Houston Downtown, I guarantee you that I would have seen scores!

Study’s central dictum: Physical activity can reduce the genetic tendency toward obesity by 40%.  The study was published in PLoS Medicine.

And you needn’t do a whole lot to over ride your obese gene.  Just walking your dog, or biking or climbing stairs should be enough.

I know this is a very politically incorrect thing to discuss, but people really need to get on to exercise and eat properly to be healthy, genes or no genes!

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