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Four year old gives important lesson in CRM


Recently, my four year old came up to me all excited with the DVR remote in hand and showed me some product that he wanted me to buy. He had recorded the commercial and he would even pause it for effect. Additionally, my other little one who is going to be three, next month was watching short movie clips on toys on her iPod. Now besides the fascination that,this age can operate technology, I was thinking about how technology is playing into building the consumer base.

My what-if CRM imagination started to work overtime as always and started to think on this process, where we can build data pages in the CRM system that can capture the age and gender of the children of our prospects. As soon as the data is saved in the system, trigger an automated notification process that can send out either-

Email newsletter with videos of the new products for kids that we need to promote,

Postal mail that could contain a package of a DVD that shows short movie clips of the product line

This might be a feature or a process in some of the CRM applications out there, but the key is to capture the data on these little consumers and get the right visual message out to them in a timely manner. As we all know, seeing is believing and the tantrums is the selling!