Free Viagara, Lipitor and 70 drugs by Pfizer to jobless

Last updated on May 15, 2009

Posted on May 15, 2009

“Riding through the Recession” suddenly took a new meaning!  Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagara, is going to provide free Viagra for up to 12 months for people who are jobless and without health insurance. 🙂

Not just Viagara, but 70 other drugs (including cholesterol-lowering Lipitor and painkiller Celebrex) are being provided in this program for people who have fallen on bad times and out of job.

What are the benefits for Pfizer to give away their biggest money-makers for free?  Well, for one – the people won’t change to generics and second they can get a tax write off for donations.  And more importantly, their facilities would not be shut – which may put future profitability, once the economy comes back, into trouble.  So, not only does it saves jobs (Social dividend) but it also provides paybacks in many ways.  And we haven’t yet talked about the tremendous publicity that the company will get.. when people start writing about this unique program… like I am doing! 🙂  It would have taken a lot of money spent on buzz making bytes to achieve the same. But hey, nothing like social dividend that charity gives and the loyalty factor that is reinforced.

For more Information, please call 866-706-2400 or go to Pfizer Answers

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