Getting Views and Likes on Facebook sharing as good as Sex

Are you on Facebook?  Are a lot of people viewing, liking and commenting on your posts?  Do you share a lot of your self-disclosures out there?

Well, you may be getting as good a deal as sex.  Or food.  So says a Harvard study.

The reward given by a person’s brain when a Facebook posting of theirs is viewed, liked and commented on has proven to be comparable in pleasure to the response from food and sex, according to a recent Harvard University

The act of self- disclosure leads to anticipation of a reward in the form of your post being viewed and acted upon, because of Dopamine production.

Diana Tamir and Jason Mitchell of Harvard’s Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab did another interesting thing.  They gave people choice between giving factual answers for a cash reward and a lesser cash for sharing their own views and opinions.  What did they go for?

Their own opinions.  And lesser cash!

Next time you are hungry and you want to lose weight go right to your facebook page and share something.  As soon as someone views it, and likes it, you may not need the food as much.

And if you wife slept off too early or girlfriend is in another town and you feel a bit naughty, head to facebook.  It will handle your urges just fine!

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