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Gilani's intelligence and forensic science and laws of Pakistan

Some interesting things happening in the Indo-Pak situation these days.

Gilani was never one of the most intelligent guys out there, but a couple of days back he was wondering why is the world so concerned about the Mumbai Attacks, when more people died in Marriott and Benazir attacks in Pakistan and when a number of people are dying in Gaza.[3]

Lets understand this a little better:

1. Mumbai was not just terrorism – it was a war!  A war that was NOT started by India, for one, but totally conjured up by LeT and ISI for their goal of breaking India up.  Most of these idiots call it payback for Bangladesh.  Anyone – specially Pakistani – who blames India for what happened in Bangladesh in 1971 is basically dishonest and lying.  Every Pakistani knows – specially post Hamidur Rahman Report [1], as to who the main and central culprit was.

2. Marriott and Benazir attacks were NOT planned and executed by another country but by the very elements in Pakistan who rule the country.  Benazir Bhutto’s death was being planned since the death of ZA Bhutto – from Gen Zia ul Haq to Gen Aslam Beg to Osama Bin Laden to Hamid Gul – all have been party to at least one attempt or another.  She got many lives but was finally taken.  It is recorded in many books and investigative articles and most knowledgable Pakistanis know it (though would not acknowledge it).

3. Palestinians elected Hamas.  Hamas has been firing rockets at Israel.  Now Israel attacks.  And Hamas operatives go and hide within the civilian population.  While the innocent population has not fired rockets, it certainly felt that it agreed with the Hamas style of “foreign policy”.  As bad and sad the mayhem looks, it is a lesson to the world of terrorism and their sympathizers – you cannot appease the terrorists and then complain when you become the “collateral damage” when the victims of those terrorists attack you!  Either you are in the civilized world and care for your family and kids and throw these idiots out of your society, or you prepare for the worst.  To me, THAT is the central message of Gaza attacks.  The reason why the world is silent mostly is because most of the world is SICK AND TIRED of the collusion of moderate Muslims and Extremist Muslims in spreading the terrorism and then complaining of Human Rights when someone retaliates!

Another thing that I find worth recording is the evidence bit of 26-11 – specially the involvement of LeT top guys.  India has provided the conversations with the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) commanders Zakirur Rahman Lakhvi and Zarar Shah to Pakistan.  Pakistan has rejected it saying its not admissible in its courts.  Well, these days the world has moved on from the old laws.  In India as the science progressed – so did the laws.  Voice Spectrography [2] makes it possible to admit the voice evidence when it is matched with the phone conversations.  Voice of a person is like his/her fingerprint or DNA.  It is possible to match it with another evidence of the voice from another situation.

Forensic experts begin by taking voice samples of the accused by asking them to repeat the words or sentences similar to the ones on the recording connected to the case. Thus wave patterns produced by Shah and Lakhvi’s voice can be translated into a pictorial display called a spectrogram. This spectrogram will serve as a permanent record and facilitate a visual comparison with conversations intercepted during the 26/11 terror attack to prove that they were the speakers.

Two things are unique to a person – voiceprint bars produced by a person’s vocal chords and the manner in which he manipulates his “articulators” or muscles of speech (lips, teeth, tongue, soft palate and jaw muscles whose controlled interplay produces speech).  CBI has been using it in India and it is used in US as well.  In fact the Supreme Court of India has admitted that the evidence from Voice Spectography is reliable.

We do not expect Pakistani law and forensic science to be at the cutting edge but wouldn’t it be better if the administration found a better excuse?  An excuse at least that would not show its backwardness?  Time to think!

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