Today I wish to share with you something very sacred and very useful that has helped me a lot in my daily intents, ideals, dreams,short, middle and long term goals. Besides saving me a lot of very valuable time. After hearing the always important messages from our master within through his subtle voice, it is highly recommended to write down immediately such messages in order to later on reinforce them by using an ancient mystical formula taking advantage of our modern technology by recording the message three times leaving a four second pause between each affirmation. For example the latest message for next year is that it would be wonderful for me and my love ones to be more patient, so what I should do is to record this affirmation:
“Ezequiel please be more patient with your intents, desires, family, friends, ideas, thoughts and specially your contacts with superior spiritual forces by picturing yourself in the general cosmic scheme of things.Please”

I repeat this with my best harmonious and subtle voice, but at the same putting on it passion, light, life and a lot of divine love. The pause between each affirmation is at least four seconds, but sometimes it will be as long as eight seconds. The big secret here is in the sincerity and honesty that these affirmations will travel along my subconscious mind becoming later on natural and effortlessly reflexes.

There are many wonderful of such messages that can be used in the improvement of our lives. What we must keep in mind is that they should be the result of our eternal and wise inner voice. The proximity of our master within with God’s inspired messages is indeed a true blessing. It is  when we are listening to these recorded messages that more divine inspiration approaches flowing from deep inside us.
It will become a never ending source of inspiration. What I always kept in mind is that we have to be radiant powerful point of God’s attributes here on Earth.
The best from the best emanates from our true selves always!
Our magnetic auras can affect many things, places and specially people by transmuting the negative aspects into positive ones.
 Our spiritual responsibility is greater than the common human being. Ah! but the satisfaction is also greater. Our joy of living generates an indescribable amazing energy in and around us. Oh God Almighty I thank you for allowing me be what I am just because YOU ARE!


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