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Goldman Sachs new Bangalore Office site has an on-site tomb

Goldman Sachs is the Investment bank to work for.  It is the place for the hard-nosed professionals with million dollar take homes.  In India the Goldman Sachs employees have a strange problem.

The office space, it seems is has some serious issues.

A Toronto-based architect Adamson Associates have come out with a report to suggest that construction for the 4000 back-office staff in Bangalore is facing some rather interesting challenges.

The site has bed smells, and the entire project wreaks of corruption and shoddy construction.  There is bad sanitation standards in that area and it is plagued with bad smells.

If that wasn’t enough, the place also has a tomb on-site!

While the whole process is messy to get the office up and running, corruption and a resident ghost spirit doesn’t help either.