Great News: Per Capita Soda Consumption in US down to 1987 levels!

Some good news for the health activists and enthusiasts.  People in US are consuming much less Soda now.  In fact the levels are down to almost what they were 15-30 years back.  The Soda consumption has declined 1.2% in 2012 — down to 1996 levels, with per capita consumption in the U.S. falling to 1987 levels as per the Beverage Digest.

During the entire 1990s the Soda consumption was rising by 3%, before it slowed in 1999.

It seems that Coke conntinues to rule this beverage market which is worth $77 billion.

Coke continues to rule the category, with a 17% share, according to Beverage Digest. Diet Coke holds a 9.4% share, while Pepsi ranks third with an 8.9% share. Despite promising signs that PepsiCo‘s work to stabilize its beverage brands is working, regular Pepsi lost 0.3% share and Diet Pepsi lost 0.2% share. Meanwhile, Mtn Dew and Diet Mtn Dew, both PepsiCo brands, gained share.

This is good for the health system, since most of the deadly diseases today are related to obesity, which is directly impacted by Soda consumption in the population.


Featured Image Credit: Flickr/starshaped

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