Greece offering virtual tourism during Corona travel closure

Greece offering virtual tourism during Corona travel closure

Travel industry is reeling under tremendous pressure.  With the lockdowns extending everywhere in the world due to Corona virus, the travel industry will be completely devastated.  So countries and economies that depend heavily on tourism are trying to find ways to generate some interest and keep people interested in their country and regions.  Greece has come up with an interesting concept – Virtual Tourism.

Greece is among some countries that have begun offering interactive websites to keep their tourism brands afloat — “until we can all be together in person again,” Dimitris Fragakis, secretary-general of the Greek National Tourism Organization, said in a statement on Thursday.Greece’s tourism authorities, in cooperation with Google, launched the site this week.”You’re at home,” the website says, “but that doesn’t mean your mind can’t travel… here’s your chance to experience it all.  (Source: The Coronavirus Is Hurting Travel, So Greece Has Begun Offering Virtual Tourism : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR)

It obviously is not going to make much money for the tourism industry, but at the very least, it will keep people engaged with the places they love.  And keep Greece alive in the hearts of the tourists until they are able to actually go there.

Featured Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

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