Half of languages of the world will disappear by end of century!

Last updated on Sep 23, 2007

Posted on Sep 23, 2007

History of the world is full of how might was right and how he powerful changed the structure of the world.  When the history is written of the post Christ era, one thing that will stand out if how Europeans decimated so many local ecologies, cultures and ethnicities!

By the end of this century, half of the languages of the world will disappear!  A lowdown:

It has already been predicted that by the end of the century, half of the languages spoken now worldwide will be gone. Not by evolving into another language (like Latin into Italian, Spanish, French or Romanian), but by being wiped out by other languages. A team has detected five global "hot spots" of indigenous language extinction, with northern Australia and the center of South America being on top.
The Enduring Voices project looks to document and revitalize doomed languages, like those of the Australian aborigines whose cultures have been trampled by European settlers and English.

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