Hallucinations of Pak media and the Pranab Mukherjee phone call

Last updated on Dec 11, 2008

Posted on Dec 11, 2008

I have been hearing about this so called phone call made by Pranab Mukherjee or someone in the Indian Foreign Ministry to Pakistan’s President in a “fit of rage” telling him that India is going to attack.  And the world is now told that this is what prompted Pakistan to amass or get close to amassing them on their Eastern border.

Now, honestly, this kind of stories come as close to Harry Potter imagination as can be in political folk lore.  Btw, we are also told that India was “preparing” for a surgical attack.  Hmmm.. so here India is readying itself for a “quick, secret, surgical attack” and just in case we are clear that it is as “secret” an attack as we would like it to be, our foreign office thought it might help to call the “enemy’s” President that we are about to undertake that “secret” attack!

Now, I am not sure how many bollywood movies these Pakistani politicians watch and keep believing them to be true.. but by God, someone has to completely loose his or her bonkers to come up with this story!  And what surprises me is that media – even outside of Pakistan – actually has written articles on this incident.  The less said about Pakistani media the better – I believe they are constantly on some kind of pot to begin with (given their interviews with their “Defense Analyst Zaid Hamid”).

This phase must be the saddest for all the media around to even talk on these topics.

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