Hamid Gul – man who carries centuries old hurts with maniacal mind

Last updated on Jan 24, 2009

Posted on Jan 24, 2009

We have watched Zaid Hamid earlier speak nonsensical on what was a mainstream media in Pakistan.  Well, he is not alone.  Here is the Former ISI Chief and a chief suspect and planner of many a attack on India.  Here he is talking to Fareed Zakaria on GPS – one of my favorite News programmes that comes on Sunday afternoon 12 noon CST here in the US.  Just watch him and listen to his replies.  It is bad enough that he comes off as a completely hallucinating and incredible person… but that he is also crooked mind combined with that baggage of religious nonsense makes you wonder!  Where is the world headed?

We have a bunch of brain-washed idots carrying centuries old hurts – the evidence for which you only find in some story books called “scriptures” by some!  Can it get worse than that?  And then.. after this kind of completely lunatic situation, one is supposed to believe that religions are for peace!?  Religions are repository of hurts, anger and vengeance… love or faith is just a cover!

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