Happiness is a fixation with Change

Last updated on Mar 11, 2009

Posted on Mar 11, 2009

Moving from one point of incomplete existence to another is change.  And Happiness is in the hope that “a” change will make us “complete”.  That has been the bane of all religious discourse and action.  Every one has urged the other to change.. to “get” to a more “complete” state.. by doing one thing or another.  Buying the first car brings happiness.  Only for so long.  Then we need our second one.. still more expensive.  Some happiness is again experienced.  Then the same process of back to other issues that create the incompleteness.

We are running from every point instead of looking at it and coming to terms with it.  The hope is always to get to the state of complete existence where we are completely happy and have no sorrow or issues in life.

We go to religion or God thinking that the concept of “complete existence” will “grant” us a boon or blessing of complete happiness but even in this pursuit we want temporary reprieve.  Ask for temporary gifts.  And just so we can justify to ourselves that we are in some way sincere at a more holistic level, we assign piety and greatness to this arbitrary concept of Completeness that we call God.  Now, since it is actually some “pie in the sky” and a pious figure or concept, whatever we do in His/Her/It name.. its all justified and fine.

The irony is that this concept of pious greatness and completeness is a product of our own minds.  The asking for gifts is an action of our own minds.  And the temporary happiness of some fruits we do derive from our supposed relationship with this God is also for the aggrandizement of our own mind.  Nothing is done outside.  We keep standing on the beach and keep eulogizing the ocean.. surf around and say we know the infinite existence of this ocean.  Surfing has ostensibly given us our “fix” for the actual depth and existence of the ocean.  We are happy.  Until we want another fix.

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