Hi Tech Cheating in Exam by the MBBS students

When passing an exam becomes the main entry point to the world of money and riches and that certification can be had by cheating, then people go all out to get by any means possible.  This story of HI-Tech cheating methods being used in a MBBS Medical school exams in AP is just mind-boggling.  The extent to which these guys go – preparing the equipment and then practicing on for months to get it right.. is just amazing… and extremely sad.

Invigilators of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) were recently flummoxed by the innovative cheating manner of an MBBS student. The student had worn a custom-made shirt fitted with devices like a lapel mike and an electric circuit inside the collar. And his answers were being transmitted from Hyderabad.
Last week, the University nabbed another student, in his final year MBBS, who had a similar hi-tech copying device fitted into his vest.
Custom-made shirts fitted with button scanners and lapel mikes, mobile phones without the outer shell and a scanner in the finger ring are some of the devices used for cheating during MBBS exams in the state. And how much do these students spend on the equipment? Nearly Rs 1.9 lakh.
“During investigation we found that the shirts/vests are shared by students for a price. The answers are transmitted from hostels and sometimes from other cities. Often if there is a problem during transmission, the students get nervous. Their body language gives them away,” the officials said.
What has shocked the officials is the painstaking planning that goes before execution. “Students told us they rehearsed the entire process for more than a month before the examinations to ensure nothing goes wrong,” RGUHS registrar N S Ashok Kumar told TOI. (link)

If these guys would spend this time studying and understanding the whole thing, it would do them.. and the nation’s patients a world of good!!

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