Hillary Clinton to charge $200,000 per speech now, joins Bill as “six-figure” speech politician

Hillary CLinton was earning $186,000 a year as Secretary of State. Now that she is no longer the Secretary of State, she will be giving speeches on the International circuit. But to have the pleasure of listening to her is going to be expensive! How much? She has put her per speech charge at $200,000!

Hillary Clinton has signed up for speaking circuit and will charge a whopping USD 200,000 per appearance, an amount more than her annual salary as the US Secretary of State. The USD 200,000-per-speech fee will be a sizable increase for 65-year-old Clinton, who made USD 186,000 annually as secretary of state before stepping down earlier this month.

Bill Clinton, ex-President and her husband, on the other hand, has given 471 speeches since he stepped off as President at an average of $189,000 per speech. So no wonder Hillary is going to that level as well. Imagine an event with both, Bill and Hillary giving a speech. Their household will be richer by almost half a million dollars that evening!!

The others who are charging into the six figures for their speeches are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin.  Imagine a stupid bimbo like Sarah Palin making that much money for her blabbering!  Not being a male chauvinist, but I just cannot get that performance of hers on the Katie Couric show out of my mind.  And nothing she has done since has given you any hope that she has improved 🙂

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