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How AQ Khan, Pakistan and China helped Libya, Iran and North Korea get the Nukes

Those who know about the backdrop have known it for long – for example in books like “Deception”, these things are documented in detail.  What is significant however about this time is – it is in AQ Khan’s OWN words and in his own hand-writing.  Couldn’t be a more concrete and solid proof of the largest and the most damning proliferation network and lie perpetuated by the powers that be for last 40 years!

Describing the four-page letter as ”extraordinary,” Henderson says in numbered paragraphs, it outlines Pakistan’s nuclear co-operation with China, Iran and North Korea, and also mentions Libya.
Some of the disclosures are stunning , and in one para that is bound to embarrass Beijing, besides implicating it, Khan writes about how Pakistan helped China in enrichment technology in return for bomb blueprints.”We put up a centrifuge plant at Hanzhong (250km southwest of Xian),” Khan writes. “The Chinese gave us drawings of the nuclear weapon, gave us 50kg of enriched uranium, gave us 10 tons of UF6 (natural) and 5 tons of UF6 (3%).” UF6 is uranium hexafluoride, the gaseous feedstock for an enrichment plan.
On Iran, the letter says: ”Probably with the blessings of BB [Benazir Bhutto]…General Imtiaz [Benazir’s defence adviser, now dead] asked me to give a set of drawings and some components to the Iranians. The names and addresses of suppliers were also given to the Iranians.”
On North Korea: ”[A now-retired general] took $3million through me from the N. Koreans and asked me to give some drawings and machines.”
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