How is Drishtikone doing on stats front?

Generally, as I blog, I do not really look for how it is doing from the “commercial” standpoint – as in the hits and unique visitors etc.  Today, I decided to check out my stats using the Awstats functionality in my cpanel.  What I saw is showin below.  The stats don’t look bad at all.  The hits seem to have been between 300k and 400k.  The Unique visitors are around 7000-10,000 a month and number of visits are between 15k to 20k.  That means a person makes it back to drishtikone at least twice a month.  The visitors have been checking out about 60k-100k pages a month!!  That is quite a bit!  At least drishtikone has enough to keep them busy 😉

The Google Page Rank is 3 (it was 4 at some point before the changes to drupal version and hack attack).  The Alexa Rank is around 900k and falling every day.

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