How Evangelists Rip Rich and Composite Cultures apart to plant Exclusive and Sick Mindsets

Last updated on Sep 1, 2011

Posted on Sep 1, 2011

“Many Catholic women like to celebrate Teej in Nepal but I did not fast as the Hindu faith directs.  Some women and girls are culturally bound to fast because of Hindu family ties, but for them to do so in the Teej is wrong.” Rupa Rai, Head of Caritas Nepal’s women’s desk

When the foreign funded Evangelist organizations come into any country, their aim – in the guise of promoting their own Gods – has been to rip people off of their cultural sub stratum.  In centuries since organized Church took over the legacy of Christ, they systematically and tenaciously wiped out the local cultures in the entire Europe – Greeks, Druids, Pagans, Gnostics and Romas.  All these rich and composite cultures were wiped out so completely from the face of the earth in a few centuries that there is hardly any representation or documentation left on the greatness and beauty of those people.

The Christianity of today, unfortunately is a product of 500 years of machinations of the Church over which they formulated the framework which became the foundation of “One-size-fits-all” Cultural Annihilation of all cultures.

This century, as the Popes have been reminding, is the one where the Churches want to harvest Asia and specifically India.  And what they are trying to do here is implement the same scenario.  What was said by Rupa Rai, Head of Caritas Nepal’s women’s desk, was an echoing of that same exclusive mindse, which screams “I am Ok, You are NOT Ok”.

Evangelists and Missionaries of Christianity and Islam may think that world is going to be great is everyone speaks the same language and pray in one direction, but by the very nature of their work – which promotes primacy of “Belief Systems”, where the more rigid and aggressive the believer, the better he/she is supposed to be – world will move towards disaster.  Belief has no benchmark.  No one can say I am a better believer than another.  And that is why the Believer who wants to annoint himself on the highest rung of the Belief ladder ends up finishing off the others.

We can see that in the fight between Shia and Sunni.  Ditto for Protestants and Catholics.  Remarkably though, in the cultures that these Churches annihilated, such differences in beliefs were non-consequential.  India, for example, boasts of 330 million Gods and Goddesses – one for everyone – a few decades back.  Yet, no Hindu was fighting another over Gods.

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