How to experience many more Magical Moments

Last updated on Oct 16, 2008

Posted on Oct 16, 2008


Today I wish to share with you some of the many blessings had by this happy human being because I was very lucky to have you as my true friends. I expect you enjoy today’s article as I enjoyed writing it.

We are ruled by numbers every moment of our lives. It starts when we are born and it ends when we pass away. There are numbers, numbers and more numbers in our everyday lives. Luckily, not all the numbers are mystic numbers. So, which are these mystic numbers? Here are some practical examples: number three, seven and twelve. By summing these three numbers will come out with another mystic number, the mystic number twenty-two. This time in order not to offend your intelligence start using your critical thinking to be enrolled in the useful technique called LEARNING BY DISCOVERY. I suggest spending at least seven minutes every day thinking about these numbers.

Now let’s consider our magical moments. How can they be categorized? Well, a simple way is to appreciate them as; physical gratification moments. As we enjoy these moments we usually exclaim: “Aaahhh!” These moments are the result of getting positive results from improving our resistance and stamina dealing with physical feats. Our exclamation mental gratification moment is: “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! What a beautiful mind God gave me!” fully understand something that before we couldn’t. And it is when we are lucky enough to experience spiritual ecstatic moments when we exclaim: “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! I thank you God for permitting me spend this brief moment enjoying from your Grace, Wisdom and Eternal Love!” Believe me, the more spiritual magical moments we are able to experience it becomes easier to make changes and intelligent adjustments in our lives. Eternal wisdom starts manifesting in our lives. As we experience these spiritual magical moments the more mystic our true Self manifests itself throughout our now always productive lives. This prolonged ah moments becomes more a harmonious spiritual melody. This majestic melody allows us feeling one with Our Lord. This unique and great harmonious vibration is felt physically, mentally and spiritually! Oh! How good it feels! It is then, by this sense of unity, not only with God, but with Mother Nature and Beautiful Humanity. Externally we start understanding the effect of the mystical numbers in our lives. The extra gaining is the successful feeling about experiencing a strong brotherly bond with everybody.

As you could see we need more moments spent in our daily meditations in the sacred space we were able to create in our golden sphere. It is by spending as much time as possible in our sacred mystical chamber when we are really nearer God’s many mansions. Our soul personality deserves to dwell in this special mansion more often thus; receiving many more divine inspirations, many more Cosmic Blessings.

As you must now understand these articles I’m happy to share, to return so many blessings granted by Jesus Christ and His Hierarchy.
Receive in your brave awaken new hearts God’s immense blessings now and ever!
Thank you! Azokata-nous

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