How Robert Vadra’s Web of Lies is being dismantled by Enforcement Directorate

How Robert Vadra’s Web of Lies is being dismantled by Enforcement Directorate

Enforcement Directorate (ED) had recently grilled Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law Robert Vadra where he seemed to be saying things which contradicted facts.  Specifically with respect to land deals in Delhi-NCR, Bikaner and properties in London.  ED suspects that a certain CC Thampi, the Dubai-based businessman is closely associated with Robert Vadra.  Thampi is suspected to be behind the kickbacks in the petroleum deal in 2009.

While Vadra suggested that he had only met Thampi during an Emirates flight, Thampi shared that he was introduced to Vadra through Sonia Gandhi’s personal assistant Madhavan.

Republic World shares that the network of Rahul Gandhi – Thampi – Madhavan – Vadra worked in these steps:

  • Rahul Gandhi allegedly purchased land from the mysterious HL Pahwa
  • HL Pahwa buys land from Priyanka Vadra and Robert Vadra
  • CC Thampi was introduced to Robert Vadra allegedly by Sonia Gandhi’s personal assistant Madhavan.
  • Defence dealer Sanjay Bhandari is also in the web of the network. Republic TV managed to confront him in London
  • CC Thampi, a crucial player in the story, is allegedly aware of Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s land deals

Here is the story from RepublicTV.

Most of these transactions it seems were happening via Cyprus, from where money was being diverted to Dubai for land deals.

Now ED wants Thampi to come in again so the deals where high end properties in Dubai and London were purchased can be probed.  So he has been summoned again.

While Thampi ran the Shell company Skylight Hospitality FZE in Dubai, Vadra ranSkylight Hospitality Pvt Ltd in India.

And interestingly, it is not just Thampi that Vadra is lying about.  He has also lied about his links to close associates of Sanjay Bhandari.  These contradictions and lying can be very damning. Of course, in countries like US, it can lead to obstruction of justice and can even lead to the indictment of the US President!

Republic World lists nine contradictions in Robert Vadra’s version.

  1. 1st contradiction | Whether Robert Vadra knows a Puja Chadha
  2. 2nd contradiction | Whether Robert Vadra knows Sumit Chadha, who is a relative of arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari, regarding properties in London
  3. 3rd Contradiction | Whether Robert Vadra knows Dubai-based businessman CC Thampi through whom the ED suspects kickbacks were routed in a petroleum deal in 2009
  4. 4th Contradiction | Whether Robert Vadra has any knowledge about 12 Bryanston Square (BSQ)
  5. 5th Contradiction | Emails from Sumit Chadha and Puja Chadha
  6. 6th Contradiction | Whether Robert Vadra knows a Vipul Beriwala, who the ED suspects to be one of the key players in the money-laundering scam
  7. 7th Contradiction | Whether RV stands for Robert Vadra in emails
  8. 8th Contradiction | Whether Robert Vadra knows Jagdish Sharma, who is a Congress leader and is known to be his close confidante
  9. 9th Contradiction | Whether Robert Vadra is known as “Sahab”:

So now you know exactly why Vadra has developed a tumor in his intestines and wants to run away to London!  Lying hasn’t been easy, has it?

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