HYPOCRITE MF Hussain had pulled his Meenaxi out due to Muslim protests

Last updated on Sep 13, 2008

Posted on Sep 13, 2008

I had said in my previous article about MF Hussain as to what a voyeur and HYPOCRITE he is.  Remember he made that movie – Meenaxi?

You know it was pulled out of the theaters?  Do you know why???

There was a song that was penned by him with the words noor-un-ala-noor’  (which stand for ‘light of the superior kind’ in Arabic) describe Prophet Mohammed. “The phrase has been lifted from the text of the Holy Quran. In the film, it describes the heroine’s beauty.

So the All Indian Muslim Council simpley protests in Mumbai.. and the movie was pulled out of all the theaters!  Asked why?  He says the following:

Criticised by some Muslim organisations in the city for a song in the film,  ‘noor-un-ala-noor’  , the maverick painter said, “I have spoken to Yash Raj Films, who are distributors of the movie. We will pull out the film from theatres nationwide.” Refusing to explain why he was giving in to pressure from religious groups, he said, “It is my film. I have written, directed and produced it. So, it is my right to do anything I please with it. I have decided to stop its screening and I will do just that.”

I am an artist as well.. as I express.   And I know what is the importance of freedom of expression.  But when a guy is USING art to deliberately HURT one and NOT the other.. because of his/her selective sensibilities… then it is rather sad and should be condemned!

At the very least… such an idiot should NOT be allowed to get away with the pretext of ART!  Art is much bigger than Hussain and he should NOT be allowed to hijack it!

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