I am appearing on radio for Investment talk

Update – the program has been cancelled due to some issue internal to the radio station. I will let you know the new program date. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Next Saturday I will be on radio. The radio channel is “Hum Tum City” and is run by Ajay of NetIP in Houston. Here is how he has introduced my part on NetIP site:

We have a special guest Desh Kapoor who will speak on the philosophy of investing, along range approach. Desh is a renowned blogger on topics ranging from South asian politics, Philosophy to Business intelligence. This week he shares his views on investing. Please call in to get your questions answered. The station number is 713.800.1540
The show starts at 11AM every saturday.

So, please tune into the radio. The show will also be available on net at HumtumCity at 11 AM CST (10.30 PM Indian time).

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