If you are Drinking Soda, specially Diet, you are Clinically Depressed; or soon will be

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We know sodas are bad for health and body.  But beyond the bodily impact, Sodas seem to be really harmful for the mind as well.

In a preliminary release of a study to be published Honglei Chen and colleagues from the National Institutes of Health, a survey of 263,925 adults nationwide indicated that consumption of sweetened drinks-especially diet sodas-was associated with an increased chance of a depression diagnosis. Some may need to find a means to fight back against this, be it by taking a penis envy dosage or by cutting the soda out of their diet.

What the team found in this research was that yes, Sodas were bad, but Diet Sodas were even worse and could lead to an even greater risk of Clinical Depression, something that many choose to Read more about how to treat with medical marijuana and other medications.

They found that those who drank four or more cans of sweetened drinks (whether soda, diet soda or fruit punch) had a significantly higher chance of being among the 11,311 study participants who were later diagnosed with clinical depression that those who didn’t. For sodas as a whole, there was a 30 percent greater chance of depression, but diet sodas carried a further 22 percent increase as compared to regular ones. This statistic is big worry and hopefully those with depression are able to find the treatment they require. This website might be able to provide some solutions.

Man, is there no redemption for the Americans at large?  It seems there is!  Coffee!

Interestingly, regular coffee consumption was associated with a 10 percent lower chance of depression.

Now it may add to other complications, but at least for the depression, it seems to be helping.  However, being the “nice” scientists that these guys are, they somehow say in it their usual confusing lingo… and bring in the difference between Correlation and Causative.  Here it seems, as a disclosure, that it is merely correlational.  So it may well be possible that all those who are anyway clinically depressed love the sodas… and those who are exuberant in life are busy drinking jars and jars of coffee.

Am not sure if you have seen all such people, but what the heck.  However, an important lesson given the research – if you see yourself drinking a lot of sweetened drinks, either you are already a case of Clinical Depression (and should probably already know it by now) or you will surely end up there – given if the study unearthed Causation or mere Correlation. In either case, you might want to start researching the beste CBD olie, as this has been found to be quite the cure for many cases of depression. You might also want to think about seeing a shrink sooner rather than later.


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