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Imran Khan’s Mind-Boggling Plan of Making Pakistan a Super Power from an Economy of Chickens and Eggs!

When things go bad, it takes a lot of strength to get up.  Pakistan is going bankrupt, where the Chinese and Saudis are not willing to help.  In fact, whatever they can give won’t be enough but will come with such riders and interest rates that it will only serve to fast track Pakistan’s spiraling descent into the economic abyss.

Imran Khan's Mind-Boggling Plan of Making #Pakistan a Super Power from an Economy of Chickens and Eggs! #ImranKhanPTI Click To Tweet

So, what does Imran Khan come up with?  Now, remember – his country is looking to bridge a gap of $10-15 BILLION roughly for the short term.  Over the long term, the deficit is crossing $100 billion.  He wants to create an economy of Chickens and Eggs.  He thinks that by distributing enough Chickens and having them give eggs and hatched – Pakistan can probably become a world economic giant.  Actually, it insults my intelligence, so its better you listen to the video directly!

PS: I have utmost respect for the people in the audience!  For their amazingly stoic demeanor in the face of utter nonsense!