India is China’s #2 target

Last updated on Nov 9, 2011

Posted on Nov 9, 2011

George Bush was in Mumbai to meet the business tycoons.  And he had some interesting information to share.  Three interesting observations were:

  • China’s #1 target is US.  #2 is India.
  • If the US had not befriended Pak, Pak would have become more dangerous. But now US patience is wearing off
  • If Iran goes after Israel, the US will go after Iran

People present were: RPG promoter Harsh Goenka, GVK group promoter GVK Rao, Bajaj Auto chairman Rahul Bajaj and IIFL promoter Nirmal Jain.  For some reason, at the behest of George W Bush’s office, the meeting wasn’t promoted and the list of guests was also kept a secret.

Given his observations, three enemies of US emerge very clearly – China, Pakistan and Iran.  Whether one wants or not, but an axis may be forming in the world in terms of power struggle.

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