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George Bush was in Mumbai to meet the business tycoons.  And he had some interesting information to share.  Three interesting observations were:

  • China’s #1 target is US.  #2 is India.
  • If the US had not befriended Pak, Pak would have become more dangerous. But now US patience is wearing off
  • If Iran goes after Israel, the US will go after Iran

People present were: RPG promoter Harsh Goenka, GVK group promoter GVK Rao, Bajaj Auto chairman Rahul Bajaj and IIFL promoter Nirmal Jain.  For some reason, at the behest of George W Bush’s office, the meeting wasn’t promoted and the list of guests was also kept a secret.

Given his observations, three enemies of US emerge very clearly – China, Pakistan and Iran.  Whether one wants or not, but an axis may be forming in the world in terms of power struggle.