India’s Independence: Let the Civilizational March Begin

India’s Independence: Let the Civilizational March Begin

As the world was struggling to make sense of the material by attributing fantastic stories, there was one group of people, who were talking of Liberation from every bondage.  Of the body, the mind, the birth, death and indeed the material of living itself.  Slavery was taken to mean not of one man’s to another, but that of one being’s to even his own memory and accumulation.

Such people were attacked by barbarians who knew nothing but sword, conquest and bloodshed.  It was 1192, when Mohammad of Ghori attacked and defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in the Battle of Tarain, near Thanesar in Haryana.  That started centuries of conquest of people who always held total freedom above all else.

When the British vacated India in 1947, the wound of 1192 was now a complete amputation.  On the back of the call for Direct Action Day (16th August 1946) by Mohammad Jinnah, after many thousands were killed in yet another massacre by those who were seeped in the mindset of another Mohammad of Ghori, India lost a large part of its territory on 15th August 1947.

And, then started the beginning of another fantastic story.  Of hijacking of India’s independence fight.  Gandhi was called the liberator and Nehru the hero of the twilight era.  The truth, meanwhile, was very different (How India got its independence – The Real Story).

Those who would challenge every fact, every visual, every sensation as untruth and only settle as truth at that which was unchanging eternally, were brainwashed with half truths and falsehoods.

People who were doing plastic surgery at least 2600 years back (S Saraf, R Parihar. Sushruta: The first Plastic Surgeon in 600 B.C.. The Internet Journal of Plastic Surgery. 2006 Volume 4 Number 2) and where poets like Hemachandra were composing poems with full knowledge of what was later known to West as Fibonacci series, were made to be ashamed of their own heritage.  Indeed shun it!

When the foundation of modern India was being paved by Jamsetji Tata, he wrote to the man who had inspired him to create the first institution of fundamental science in India, now known as Indian Institute of Science.  A man who had not just inspired the foundation of India’s top science institute, but also inspired millions of spiritual seekers, Swami Vivekananda (A voyage in 1893 that changed India).  Swamiji instructed Jamsetji to tap a man of modern science to lead the institution at that time.

It was this country and these people who were told in 1947, that India was “free”.  And, in an effort to set up another dynastic rule after over 8 centuries of colonial and barbaric dynastic rules, Hinduphobia and self-hatred were institutionalized.

What Jinnah did with Pakistan, Nehru did with Hinduphobia and normalizing the hatred for Dharmic spiritual traditions.  Our spiritual traditions were characterized as “myths” and our history as “mythology”, our philosophy as “backward”, our science as “mumbo-jumbo”.

Freedom never meant of just the material, but indeed in existential terms for the Sages of this land.  For descendants of such Sages, even the minds were shackled by the proxies of the colonial masters.  Long after they had left.

A culture and a civilization which was built on the most profound idea of Freedom and Liberation, with a past of over 30,000 years – was told that it had just “woken to freedom”.  A faux freedom, which sought to deal a death knell to the great traditions that vibrate through-out the length and breadth of the amazing land.

India was free and will forever be free.

The eclipse of the dark forces, the restrictive and the exclusivist minds may, however, last for sometime.  But that where existential liberation is the resolve, the blip of a few centuries was but just a bad dream.

In Prithviraj Raso, Prithviraj’s poet friend, Chand Raso is said to have indicated to his king on the exact location of Ghori while Chauhan stood blinded with a bow and arrow in his hand.

“Char bans, chaubis gaj, angul ashta praman. Tau par sultan hai, Mat Chuko Chauhan.”

–Chand Bardai

It is said in the story that Chauhan killed Ghori, but that is disputed.  Irrespective of whether Chauhan actually killed Ghori or not, the truth is that foreign rule was established in India by the Islamic invaders.  A rule that sought to dismantle every profound way that this civilization had worked on.

Mat Chuko Chauhan – Don’t miss Chauhan!

After centuries, India now has an opportunity to wake up to an ethos that was worked upon and perfected by amazing spiritual beings, Sages and enlightened Masters.  A way where existential is not a mathematical cold algorithm but a living experience and phenomenon.  And, it is repeatable.  A science beyond all science and an experience beyond all senses.

In the coming decades and the centuries let India really wake up to its Freedom and its masses to the ultimate Liberation.  Let the Civilization of Bharat restart its march towards the glory of mankind.  Ab mat chuko Chauhan!

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