Inebriated Hallucination of – and my ONLY reply to such nonsense

There is this guy I ran into once at Intentblog.  He was so full of himself and his manner so abrasive that after initial discussions, I was convinced that he was as hardened in his superstitious belief as Osama Bin Laden is.  He sees the world in one dimension and wants to fit everything in that ONE dimension.  Bring up any other dimension of living and he froths from his mouth… seriously.  He has been writing on his blog and spewing venom against what he calls are “right wingers”.  Well, as is the case with most Jehadis, he was not satisfied… so now he starts this blog called “Jagadguru” – quite obviously as a pun and starts doing the same stuff.

I came to know of this, because I got some traffic coming in from there.  So I went to see the post – not knowing it was this same old guy I had ignored despite his unnecessary belligerance.  When I went to his post, I burst out laughing at the analysis he did and the way he twisted my once-had debate with him on Intentblog.

This is what he writes:

If you remember correctly, I wrote a blog about my discussion with a spiritually confused Indian Desh, who justified violence using Gita. In one of his comments he did indirectly try to argue that the role of Tilak in Indian independence overshadows Gandhi. The following quote shows what influenced men like Desh to such confusion. The answer is Tilak. He is the culprit. The best part about my discussion with Desh is that he gets pissed off when I call him Hindu fundamentalist. However his ideas and ideals are always from Hindu fundamentalism. He is not alone. There are so many qualified Indians who are as confused as him (I wouldn’t use the word educated for such people). Just see Desh’s article above and compare with the quote below. You will understand what I am talking about.

This is the post he is referring to.  Now nowhere do I mention in that about Tilak.  The ONLY post on my blog where I have mentioned Tilak is when I talked of the historical chronology betweeen Dadabhai Naoroji, Tilak and Gandhi.  What I said was very simple:  Tilak died on July 30, 1920 and Gandhi started his Non-Cooperation Movement on August 1, 1920.  This “strange” coincidence is because Gandhi was stopped by Tilak from starting this movement because Tilak considered Non-Cooperation Movement to be too “radical”!  Now, to say that Tilak would inspire ME to a violent thinking based on such a passage is quite simply a product of a predisposed hallucinating mind.

Now, for the post he finds difficult to comprehend.  It deals with attitude to violence – Gita vs Bible.  I have a very simple view of Violence and Non-violence:

If in any situation, where you see two protagonists – a Violent and the Victim – and you opt for “Non-Violence” such that the beneficiary of your doing so is the Violent, then it is VERY irresponsible to call it Non-violence.  However, if the beneficiary is the VIctim, then it is truly Non-violence!

Let me give an example – You are walking down a lonely road.. you see two men raping a hapless girl.  What do you do?  You can vow to behave “Non-violently” and keep preaching to them the ills and the nonsense of their act at the highest shrill of your voice and keep trying to call the police on your cell, while the rape continues unabated!  Or, you can take on the two guys and despite bodily harm to you, try and save the girl!  I believe that the choice at that time is NOT between NON-VIOLENCE and VIOLENCE…. but between VIOLENCE and VIOLENCE!

Gita, I believe, simply implies that installing Violence and Non-violence as arbitrary morals is useless and indeed stupidity!  It is like taking the map of New York and trying to find you way in every city of the world.  That is the effect of “morals” which are themselves prisoners of context, space and time!

Now, another thing he has a peeve with me is my debate with him on Gandhi.  And there I mentioned an incident in my own family’s history.  This is how it happened:

My Grand-father came home in February 1947 and declared to his Mother that he was convinced Partition is going to happen, so it will be smart for everybody that they moved to East of Ravi.  His mother reprimanded him adding that “Gandhiji has promised that Partition will happen over his dead body”.  Well, they stayed back.  When the violence started, the first person to be stabbed in the family was that mother!  The partition happened and Gandhi lived beyond that.  So essentially an old lady was “deceived” because she believed in a call – that was:

(1) either made by someone who was INSINCERE
(2) or made by someone who could NOT CARRY IT THROUGH.

Now, that is the folly of any leadership.  That leaders in their feeling of invincibility go about making promises that common people start believing like WORD of GOD, just as my Grand-father’s Mom did.  The result is that while the leader continues on with his/her life remorseless, the damage to millions has been done irretrievably!!

THAT to me is irresponsible.  And something that I find hard to pardon Gandhi of.  I believe as a leader of masses, one OUGHT to BITE what one can CHEW!

This “Jagadguru” in his same inebriated hallucination thinks that is my “frustration” from personal loss.  FAR from that.  I had never seen the old lady and have never mourned or cried over death of any personal relative – including my Father’s!  I learnt VERY early that relationships are temporary and mourning does NOT help the soul after death.  Like one brother told another in Yoga Vasistha after their father’s death – I have had so many parents in the last so many births, who should I start crying for “first”?  And if you have ever put fire to the dead body of your father in the “Hindu” tradition, and do the rituals consciously, you get over that the love of relations after death VERY quickly – because even before you put fire to the pyre, you break the SKULL of the body with a long and big log of wood.  The very person you talked to a few hours back, you break his skull without remorse.  Now, this happened to me when I was 14 years old.  The conversation that this “jagadguru” talks about happened with my Grand Father LONG after my tryst with personal loss at 14.  So, its a nice try from this guy’s hallucinating mind, but its just too wide off the mark!

SO basically, I was critiquing Gandhi for being IRRESPONSIBLE as opposed to my “love” for Violence!

What has intrigued me is that people can actually go about frothing from their mouths and talk anything that they feel like without understanding what they are saying!  Instead of looking for coffins to fill their Dead, they come with ready-made Coffins and then look for the right Dead to fit it in.  That maybe a great strategy sometimes.. but it sounds eerily similar to the many superstitious idiots who have roamed this earth!  Oh well.. Hatred makes you similar to the object of your hate.  Ask George Bush and the Jehadis…

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