Information on Singapore’s Changi Airport

I think it would be unfair on my part if I do not acknowledge the excellent Singapore Airport.  It is surely one of a kind.  Every terminal has some interesting gardens, with themes and also interesting fauna, and even fishes and butterflies.

First of all, if you are a vegetarian like me and crave for the Indian food every now and then, go to the 3 level of Terminal 2 or 3 and you will find “Kaveri – Indian Vegetarian”.

You can also go to Terminal 3 and go to level B2 and then go to the food court.  Among other foods, juices, and coffees; you will also find an Indian restaurant.  Very cheap and a good bang for your buck.

Also, while you are Terminal 3, please do visit the Butterfly Garden at level 2.  It is amazing!  Lots of butterflies fluttering around there and also the butterflies are hatched in displays right there.  Very interesting stuff.

If you want to use the Wi-Fi, go to any information booth, and get the ID/Password and get going.  There is a Laptop Access area behind the Tai Hing restaurant and bar.  The American pins work in the plugs there.

If you want to catch a quick nap, or shower or get a quick massage – there is Ambassador Transit Hotel – both, on Terminal 2 and 3 (don’t know about others) – where you can do so for a reasonable price.

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