Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #155 - Jiziya Times are here again, say Thumbs up!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #155 - Jiziya Times are here again, say Thumbs up!

(Varanasi, India \ Photo by Prado on Unsplash)

“Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.” ― Jack London

Prahalad was an enlightened being.  He had attained to the consciousness of Vishnu itself.

“However, one who is not Vishnu does not derive any benefit by worshipping Vishnu. One should worship Vishnu by being Vishnu. Hence, I am Vishnu. He who is known as Prahalad is none other than Vishnu; there is no duality. “(Vasistha’s Yoga, Swami Venkatesananda - Page 236, Part V, “The Story of Prahalad”)

Holika had a boon, a tool, for not getting burned.

When Hiranyakashipu, wanted to kill his son Prahalad for worshipping (being) Vishnu, he made him sit with Holika in a fire.  The story goes that she died, despite her boon, and he was saved.

Idiots and the ignorant call it “victory of Good over Evil.”

A spiritual tradition that was beyond social, even physical ways of the world, had no appetite nor care for arbitrary stupidity of Good or Evil.  It was simply abused and reduced to juvenile ways of those who had to believe in arbitrary codes and commandments that they never believed nor followed.

The Rishis and Yogis were talking of Eternal Truth.  A Truth that never changes even when there is no existence left.  And, some idiots think that the enlightened of that culture were busy in this crap called Good and Evil?!

Prahalad being at the level of consciousness of Vishnu meant that he was one with the existence.  That is what Vishnu’s consciousness represents.

Holika was merely relying on a “jugaad” if you will.  That is what a boon is.  It is not something that raises your consciousness.  It is like a car that will help you go to places where you cannot go to otherwise until you have the gas in the car.

Prahalad’s story is the epitome of what Dharma is.

It is about surfing the wave of Universal Consciousness.

The waves in an ocean don’t kill you.  Your misalignment with them does.

Those who are in a boat will get crushed when a 100-foot wave comes towards you.  A surfer, like say Brazilian Carlos Burle, would love such a scenario.  That’s because he is in sync with the wave.

Just like Prahalad was in sync with the wave of consciousness.

Holika was like someone on a boat in the sea.  Better equipped than someone with nothing in a vast sea.  But in the end, she was just a girl with a boat with a large humongous wave about to crash.  Prahalad was the wave.

Those who depend on trickery, tools, and jugaads to swim through the sea of consciousness, usually don’t get anywhere.  Those who become the wave, need not go anywhere.  For, they are the consciousness!

To handle the Holikas of the world today, be a Prahalad.

the saga of the un-attacked victim!

Today, a channel choc-a-bloc with award-winning journalists informed us that a Tanishq store was attacked.


This was not some small hamlet in Timbuktu.  It is a major town in Gujarat.  So someone did something very simple.  He called the ONLY Tanishq store in the town to check if they were attacked.

The owner was busy but politely answered the call and had absolutely no idea about what this guy was asking.  So, our friendly caller asked him to check the TV and Twitter.  And voila, he knew from NDTV’s award-winning journalist team that he had been attacked without his knowledge.

How does one even deal with such trauma?

Then the police came in to check the guy everyone knew had been attacked, except - well, he himself!

How amazing is that?

Once their fake news cloaked in oh-so-secular pedantic hyperbole was melting away right in front of the public, NDTV comes out with a “Clarification”, and not an “apology”.  Anyone, who has never even won an award in journalism but would have an ounce of integrity might have been compelled to profusely apologize!


The guy, who was had to be prodded to even check the news of his attack, had written an “apology note” to save himself?

There are many alternate universes, one would surmise, and NDTV surely doesn’t live in any of the nearby ones!

Such is the shamelessness of India’s award-winning super-journalists that they can keep changing their story and even, in the end, they come out with a narrative that is patently full of crap!  And, I am being very very nice to them.  The first god-damned phone call they received was from our caller in the tweet who asked them to check the TV when they weren’t even sure whether it was a prank call or not!

This is not ‘mere’ fake news.  This is sabotage. Social sabotage!  Subversion to create violence!

That is why, and rightly so, the Gujarat Home Minister has tweeted that a case would be registered and strict action will be taken against those who are spreading fake news to promote violence.

So in a matter of a few weeks, we have had a gang-rape which wasn’t and now an attack which wasn’t.

We don’t have a news media lapsing into fake reporting anymore.  We have a fake media, sometimes reporting news that is selective in its intent and content!

jiziya times back again

And, in all this news fakery, there is an additional question of virtue signaling.  The Hate monster is banging on the door.  Why?  Because people don’t like getting being targets of stereotyping or bigotry.  So, someone is portraying me, my community in a rather unflattering manner.  And, no I am not going to beat him up.  Just going to drop him from my world view or wallet spend.  From now on, I will not buy anything from such a company that likes to sell its widget by creating bigoted narratives about me and my community.

That, we are being told is creating hate.  No, not the guys who are creating subliminal racist, bigoted messages.  Not them silly.  Me.  Because I shouldn’t even speak up.  You see, this targeting is meant to be taken with a smile.  Too bad I figured them out.

That.  The figuring out of the whole agenda-setting and priming strategy is central to hate spreading.  The moral absolutism of the offender rules!

One lady tweets a story which she thinks show-cases hatred in the society.   Here is the story:

A Muslim woman is COVID positive.  She has a “young son” and a husband, who have never entered the kitchen.  She also has an old Mom-in-law who cannot cook.  That’s truly sad.

The society she lives in has been sealed because of COVID and no one is allowed to enter.

And in such a situation of such dire straits for her, the dastardly, hateful, bigoted Hindu neighbors have the temerity to leave the society to go to their hometowns!  I mean can you even imagine the inhumanity of the Hindu neighbors?  How shameless of them to have a life?  How unthoughtful of them to leave this lady alone, with men who obviously (Naah gender equality isn’t relevant here btw, morons!) can’t cook, without food, while they go to be with their families in such times!

What a crazy atmosphere of religious hate?  Right?

Here is the link to the tweet (Source) - it’s not photoshopped!

I know I know, she must be some fringe, nut case of an idiot right?  Think again!

She, Saira Shah Halim, is an educator.  TED Speaker.  National Media Panelist.   And, yes, of course, a Rights Activist. And Liberal-Secular to boot!

That I and my family and my friends are there to serve my Muslim neighbors - to heck with my own family - is my only way to a Secular existence.

And, we thought Jiziya-times were over?

did you know?

Actions to remove interruptions is a very powerful way to make yourself productive.  When NASA engineers were brought together in a room to design a spacecraft.  The idea was to take away the actions where people were spending time just doing steps that took time.  A lot of that was rework that could have been obviated.

The result was remarkable.  The design time was reduced from 6 months to 9 hours!

But we know an interaction, a beneficial interruption, helps productivity. Co-located people monitor the environment remarkably well, and that aids productivity. I did a study on extreme collaboration with NASA engineers. We studied a group of 17 engineers who were put into the same room to design a spacecraft, and they were able to reduce the amount of time to design a spacecraft from six months down to nine hours. One reason is because they were able to catch mistakes immediately, and they didn't have to redo the design over and over. It's not something technology could have done.  (Source)

nota bene

Xi Jinping readies for war with India: Chinese President Xi Jinping has raked up a fresh controversy. According to reports, Jinping has asked the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China to prepare for a war with India.  While visiting a military base in Guangdong province on October 13 (Tuesday), the Chinese President told the troops to "put all (their) minds and energy on preparing for war," reported CNN. (Source)

Kerala Smugglers have links to Dawood: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) probing the Kerala gold smuggling case on Wednesday told a special court in Kochi that some of the accused have links with the gang of Dawood Ibrahim and they visited Tanzania several times where the underworld don has an extensive network.  (Source)

India slams Pakistan: India on Wednesday criticized Pakistan for raising issues such as Kashmir at the virtual Commonwealth foreign ministers’ meeting, saying it is a “globally acknowledged promoter of state-sponsored terrorism” that masquerades as a victim of the menace.  The remarks were part of a statement delivered by Vikas Swarup, secretary (West) in the external affairs ministry, who participated in the meeting on behalf of external affairs minister S Jaishankar.  (Source)

Complete Missile System in 4-5 years: Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chief G Satheesh Reddy today expressed hope that within the next four or five years, the agency could complete the missile system of the Indian armed forces. Reddy said, “It will take probably about 4-5 years for us to work on all these things and realize a complete missile system, working for some good amount of range.”  (Source)

Gujarat Govt to Book NDTV for Inciting Violence: Taking cognizance of the fake news alleging that a Tanishq showroom in Gandhidham, Kutch, was attacked following the controversial ‘love jihad’ ad, the Home Minister of Gujarat, Pradipsinh Jadeja has asked authorities to register a case and initiate strict action against the fake news purveyors.  “The news of an attack on a showroom in Gandhidham, Kutch by @ndtv is TOTALLY FAKE. This is a motivated attempt to adversely impact the law & order & incite violence in Gujarat. I have asked to register a case & take strict action against those who spread this fake news,” Jadeja tweeted.  (Source)

Sai Deepak is an interesting and very intelligent man.

He is an engineer who has graduated with Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering after which he went on to pursue LLB. In his own words, he is “a first-generation lawyer, an engineer-turned-general litigator with core competence in Intellectual Property Law and allied areas”.

When he speaks, one should listen to his thoughts.  His clarity of thought and purposefulness of his knowledge is striking.  I personally admire his work.


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