Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #232 - The Fake Farmers!

If India was sowing and reaping bumper crops in the 2020-21 Kharif and Rabi season, while a quarter of million farmers were at Delhi's borders from August - then who the heck was doing the work?!!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #232 - The Fake Farmers!

Image by Jesse Ramnanansingh from Pixabay

“You only live twice:
Once when you are born
And once when you look death in the face” ― Ian Fleming, You Only Live Twice

The Gurus from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh were not Sikh Gurus.  They were Gurus.  No spiritual master is restricted or bound by a religion or ideology.  If anyone is, then he is not spiritual.

Spirituality starts where belief ends.

That is why Guru Gobind Singh is not a “Sikh” Guru.  He is a Guru.

That is why when one approaches the Sikh traditions, one has to understand that at the foundation is a spiritual fountainhead.  A resource and treasure that cannot be humiliated nor should be contaminated by confining it to a set of beliefs.  That is precisely what the Gurus worked for.  That is what every Guru, who is a spiritual master really works for.

What has happened in the last few months near Delhi is the utter humiliation of India’s spiritual history and social sanity!  We were sold the lie of “farmers protests” and the power-hungry idiots on their own ego-trip were busy crafting narratives that were shamelessly humiliating the spiritual masters.

Have you ever bought any plants for your house?  Do you just leave them and go off to hike in the lovely mountains?  No, not just any hike, silly!  You will get free food, free shelter, and free stuff.

Just leave your plants and pots on your balcony and scoot.  Will you?

Ok, what if I say that while you are away, your potted plants will grow the best crop of tomatoes and these tomatoes will fall from your balcony right into the hands of the vegetable vendor sitting in your street.

I know.  I am talking like an idiot.  Ain’t I?

Now, let’s enlarge the whole scenario.  Let’s talk of a large number of farms and an entire national crop.

What the world is repeatedly calling “farmers' protests” started in August 2020.  Bang in the middle of the Kharif season!  Rice is the main Kharif crop.

In the 2020-21 Kharif season, however, which goes from June to November, India saw a record production of 144.5 million tons.  In the 2019-20 Kharif season, the production was 143.40 million tons.  Rice was higher by 6.70 million tons. (Source)  Punjab’s contribution to the national rice production is between 25-31%. (Source)

Rabi season goes from November to May.  That was bang in the middle of the so-called farmers’ protests.  Bang in the middle!!


Rabi Crops in 2020-21 season have been sown on 265 lakh hectares versus 241 lakh hectares in 2019-20!!

Again, the Rabi sowing was 10% higher than the last year. (Source)

In early November, India Today was proudly informing the bewildered Indian population that between 200,000-300,000 farmers were converging at various entry points of Delhi. (Source)

That is a quarter of a million!

A quarter of a million able-bodied men, mostly, and women in many cases - were at Delhi’s borders.

And, India’s farms were producing record Kharif and then sowing record Rabi crop!

Now, you tell me - was my self producing and selling tomato story that outlandish?

If the farms of India can produce record crops WITHOUT the most able-bodied farmers doing anything, then you need to ask two questions:

  1. Either we have hit upon an automatic solution for farming that doesn’t need any farmers as I painstakingly suggested in the beginning
  2. Or, they weren’t farmers

If the former is true - then India has the answer for world hunger.  Literally!!

If not, then we have been crying over scoundrels who were play-acting on behalf of those who were actually working hard but getting nothing in return!!

You see, 5800 tons of foodgrains rotted in godowns last year. 7000 Indians die of hunger every single day. 45 farmers committed suicide every single day. While the tomatoes, costing Rs 45-50 a kg at Delhi’s Azadpur mandi, could fetch their producers, the farmer mere Rs 2-4 a kg.

Do you want to know of a genocide?

India was committing a Farmer’s Genocide for the last many decades!

45 farmers committed suicide every single day.

Not because they couldn’t grow anything!  They were growing record crops!

Because they got pittance!  Why?

Because someone - the middlemen or commission agents known as Arhtiyas were creaming the main profit!

And, when their conscience-less pitiful existence wasn’t happy with that extortion, they would lend money to the farmers for their needs (because he hadn’t made the money that he should have rightfully made!) at exorbitant rates!

And farmers were being buried under an interest burden impossible to payback!

That continued!

The murder of our farmers was being done every year and the sick system pretended that it didn’t know why it was happening!

You see, the reason why the country was sowing and reaping bumper crops in the 2020-21 Kharif and Rabi season is that the farmers NEVER came to Delhi!

They were working their backs off on the farms!

Khalistan flag - rectangle or triangle

There is a rather imbecile debate going on in India.  That actually shows the lack of basic IQ in India and its media!  Honestly!

Every dishonest media personnel is suggesting that it was “not the Khalistani flag but one with Nishan Sahib” on it.  Well, thanks but no thanks!

One, every Khalistani flag has the Khanda!  Unfortunately for India’s Spiritual heritage, but that is how these scoundrels have decided to humiliate the Gurus!

So, to set the record straight, let us go through a lesson for ourselves, shall we?

These were the flags that were hoisted on Red Fort today.

Two triangular yellow and saffron flags.

This is the flag that was hoisted at Moga district’s Deputy Commissioner’s building on August 15, 2020. (Source)

Punjab: Duo hoist 'Khalistan' flag at Moga DC office building, 'desecrate'  Tricolour | Cities News,The Indian Express

In fact, this wasn’t the only Khalistani flag hoisted in Moga in August 2020.  It was found also on the Panchayat Ghar there. (Source)

These were the flags used by Khalistanis on the Indian embassy in Rome, Italy today! (Source)

Meanwhile, no Sikh Guru ever carried any flag with the khanda on the Nishan Sahib (the sacred flag)!

During the times of Guru Amar Das the Nishan Sahib was white, to represent peace and simplicity. During the time of Guru Hargobind, however the Nishan Sahib changed into a shade of yellow, known as Basanti. After the creation of Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh introduced blue flag, which is still the colour of the Nihang flags. The first Sikh flags were plain, but emblems were introduced by Guru Gobind Singh. The first Sikh emblem, was not the Khanda, but the three weapons, the Kattar (dagger), Dhal (shield) and Kirpan (sabre). Later these emblems were also used by the Sikh misls and the Empire.  (Source)

Here is the painting of Guru Gobind Singh, the last Guru with his followers.


The last Guru’s imagery was very different.

The original Nishan Sahib carried by Guru Gobind Singh ji in the Kattar, Dhal, Kirpan format had either a ashtabhuja, nangini barcha or gajgah used as a spear on top. The Nangini Barcha or snake like sword was created by Guru Gobind Singh ji and famously used by Bhai Bachittar Singh to pearce the trunk of a drunken, armored elephant in the battle of Nimolgarh. The Ashtabhuja is a spear with three crescents stuck to an iron rod with two spears coming out on top. The Ashtabhuja was used by Hindu godess Durga many times but Durga does not hold any relevance in Sikhism and is only used for warfare. Guru Gobind Singh ji's ashtabhuja was found in Chamkaur the place where his two sons were martyred and other two captured with his mother. the Gajgah is the frontal head piece made from Steel. It represents the Shakti of Akal Purakh (God). It is preserved and revered at Sachkhand Hazur Sahib. The flag is simply wrapped around the top of the spear with two strings of fabric coming out of the tip.  (Source)

So much for the utterly smart Indian analysts who are going to town with the rectangular Khalistani flag and the “sacred” Khanda.

A symbol that emerged in the early 20th century and adopted by the North American Sikh immigrants as opposed to any real spiritual origin! (Source)

market corner: 10 quick bytes

  1. Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project: Consortium of L&T, Japanese firm wins Rs 1,390 cr deal for 28 steel bridges - more
  2. Blackstone-backed Aadhar Housing Finance files for $1-bln IPO - more
  3. Phone numbers of over 60 lakh Indian Facebook users reportedly on sale on Telegram - more
  4. India's aim of doubling renewable power by 2022 gets foreign backers' boost - more
  5. Starfish Growth Partners and Investpad launch joint fund to raise $100 million for early-stage startups - more
  6. Overseas investment by Indian companies dips 42% to $1.45 billion in December: RBI data - more
  7. Luxury carmakers eye 25-40% sales growth in 2021, are betting on 25-40% growth in sales this calendar year, driven by more than one car hitting the road every week on an average - more
  8. Mercedes-Benz expects 'substantial' growth in India this year - more
  9. FDI inflows into India jump by 13% to $57 billion in 2020: UN - more
  10. Saudi Arabia to get three million AstraZeneca shots in a week from India's Serum Institute - more

nota bene

Woman power: Two IAF women officers broke the glass ceiling on Tuesday by becoming the first women pilots to participate in the Republic Day parade — one at Rajpath and the other over Rajpath. While Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kanth, 28, became the first woman fighter pilot to take part in the R-Day parade as she was part of an IAF tableau that showcased mock-ups of a light combat aircraft, light combat helicopter, and a Sukhoi-30 fighter plane, Flight Lieutenant Swati Rathore got the honor to be the first woman to be part of the flypast over Rajpath as she flew a Mi-17 V5 helicopter in a formation of four choppers.  (Source)

Girls and Phones: 41% of girls in rural, semi-urban areas have access to mobiles for less than hr a day. More than 60% of parents said phone ‘distraction’ for daughters; Assam at bottom of the list with 3.3%, K’taka tops with 65%: Survey (Source)

Altruism or Hidden Agenda: Amazon is offering to lend President Joe Biden its operational expertise to shuttle coronavirus vaccines quickly across the country as the government struggles with the logistics of the inoculation rollout. But the move could also help the company boost its own ambitions of expanding into the $3.8 trillion health care marketplace. The company made a pitch on Wednesday, just hours after Biden was sworn in, offering few details about how it envisions helping with the struggling vaccine distribution effort. But if it’s accepted, the offer may give Amazon a valuable new trove of health data just as it’s expanding into a pharmacy and digital health. (Source)

Godiva is riding its company horse out of North America and shutting down or selling all 128 of its brick-and-mortar locations in the U.S. and Canada by the end of March, the chocolatier announced on Sunday. And while the company’s stores in the Middle East, Europe, and China will remain open, notes that that’s of little use to America’s last-minute gift-givers who previously could’ve counted on swinging by the mall post-work and treating their loved ones to a gilded box of truffles  (Source)

The world’s frozen places are shrinking—and they’re disappearing at faster rates as time goes by.  In the 1990s, the world was losing around 800 billion metric tons of ice each year. Today, that number has risen to around 1.2 trillion tons.  That’s according to a new study, published today in the journal The Cryosphere, calculating all the ice lost around the globe over the last few decades.  (Source)

video corner: The Open Road

Walt Whitman was an American poet, essayist, and journalist.  His most well-known work, Leaves of Grass was first published in 1855.

This poem ‘Song of the Open Road’ appeared in his book ‘Leaves of Grass.’

Although the American interpretation of this poem keeps discussing Whitman’s love for the outdoors, if you were to read the poem carefully, it shows his deep spiritual yearnings.  Understood neither by him nor by those around him.  His heart and expression were of one who had been seeking a long time.

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