Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #160 - Mangoes on Manchineels?

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #160 - Mangoes on Manchineels?

(Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash \ SYSTEM CHANGE – NOT CLIMATE CHANGE)

“Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings.” ― Victor Hugo

Do you want to spearhead the establishment of a hate society?  Well, it has its consequences.  When someone took a lead in establishing a theocratic state with exclusivism built-in for anyone else because it aligned with the fanatic hatred of his master, that hate devastated his community with that same stick.  The stick he had crafted to beat others up with.

What is being done in Maharashtra, Kerala, and West Bengal is no different.  Hatred is the cement with which the foundation of these despotic states is being shaped.  It will bring its consequences.

For, you don’t miraculously get delicious mangoes on a poisonous and toxic manchineel tree!

the despotic state of Maharashtra

Republic TV did a sting on Congress spokesperson Raghvendra Shukla in Congress HQ in Mumbai.  What he shared is the most disturbing for any democracy.

Shukla announced that one of India’s state government - in Maharashtra - has set up a task force - a hit squad - to destroy a news media company, Republic TV and its Chief editor, Arnab Goswami.

These kinds of diktats do not belong in any democracy!  Such type of totalitarianism is the preserve of dictators like Kim Jong-un and failed states like Pakistan and North Korea!

Shukla also said unequivocally that even the state’s intelligence agencies have been ordered to badger and bully the TV channel!  The operative words: at any cost.

The use of state machinery, specifically the intelligence units is what the banana republics and military states do!  These tactics do not belong to democracies like India.

He further added, “The strategy is to lock him (Arnab Goswami) behind bars. Nobody can save his channel from being banned. There is already a team, constituted by Uddhav Ji, for executing the task. The instruction has been made clear – Go after him (Arnab), you don’t have to do any other thing. He should be made accountable for what he speaks. The team is already on its job (to implicate Republic TV). “  (Source)

The intent and objectives are very clear - to silence the press that does not toe your line!

And, just like the earlier Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, the fascist ways of Maharashtra will be check-mated - not by bringing Presidential rule - but by widening the scope of the whole case.  A case has been filed in UP and the UP government has now asked the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Days after Mumbai Police initiated the explosive chain of events, the Uttar Pradesh Police has registered a complaint in connection with the matter and the state government had submitted a request to the CBI to take over the investigation. As per the latest reports, the CBI has registered an FIR to investigate the TRP scam. It is pertinent to mention that India Today is the channel whose name had initially propped up in the first FIR registered in connection with the matter.  (Source)

This one act takes the whole case away from the hands of the Mumbai Police and brings in the CBI to counter its wanton ways.

China on a slide to global disaster

Mumbai Police is a great learner from another fascist state - China.  China is threatening to arrest US nationals in China now.  All this to retaliate against the spies who have been active in the US in various Universities.

A broad-brush attack on the basis of nationality versus regular operation of US law enforcement agencies.

This kind of retaliatory measures show two things:

  1. Frustration in the Chinese establishment at its inability to play with other countries as it would have wanted and its plans failing spectacularly!
  2. Inevitable severe escalation of enmity and situation.  No country talks about such things unless it had done enough game-planning of where it will lead.  Unless you are Kim Jong-un, which China certainly isn’t.

Therefore, if this is true, then be prepared for a war!

COVID check

The global numbers have reached an astronomical 40 million!  Death numbers have crossed 1 million now.

(Source: HindustanTimes +

Trump vs Biden: Economy, Terrorism and National Security most important issues

US Presidential race is actually quite open unlike what many think about it.

The Gallup polls, taken before the first debate and Trump’s subsequent COVID diagnosis, have interesting results.

55% of Americans believe that they and their family to be better off than they were four years ago.  Also, 54% rate Trump’s performance on the economy to be positive.  (Source)

To put these responses in perspective, here is how the other presidents have fared.

For this year’s elections, the economy is the #1 priority for an overwhelming majority in the US.  Actually, the economy is always the #1 issue.

Nearly nine in 10 registered voters consider the presidential candidates' positions on the economy "extremely" (44%) or "very" (45%) important to their vote.  (Source)

The other critical issues for the Americans in these elections are:

terrorism and national security (83%), education (82%), healthcare (80%), crime (79%), the response to the coronavirus (77%), and race relations (76%)

In the foreign relations sphere, and given where the candidates stand with respect to perception, the relations with China (64%) are far more important than relations with Russia (49%)!  That gives a clear advantage to Trump in the foreign relations area.

So, despite what the entire mainstream media has been saying, it does seem that Donald Trump has a strong advantage in this election.

impact of social media

A Pew research report also says that Social Media is far more significant in impacting people’s views about different issues than just 2 years back.  (Source)

So, the online media may probably turn out to be more important in this election than in the earlier ones.  Here is a sample of how two respondents framed the impact of SM on their view of Black Lives Matter.

“Reading articles on the BLM movement has opened my eyes to the degree of systemic racism in this country and the world.” –Woman, 64

“I used to support BLM, but now I see them as violent domestic terrorists not interested in addressing the real problems within the Black community. BLM is about a communist revolution not about helping the Black community…” –Man, 50

What does this mean?  It means that all the effort of the mainstream media to bury the Biden hard drive issue will only become bigger on the Social media - outside of Facebook and Twitter.  And it will take on a life of its own.

Ahmadis - persecutors turned persecuted?

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed had written a poem titled - Arya Dharm(Hindu/Arya Religion) which used Mahabharat as the basis for its venom and hate-filled poetry.  Here is an excerpt (Source):

To get adultery secretly
Is a big ritual of Aryans

Their men deserve to be burnt
Their wife is the wife of everyone

My My! What religion! what a faith!
In which prostitution is obligatory

He is fond of other's ladies
Everyone is a hunter

To ask for sperm from other men
It is great wickedness and evil act

She sleeps with the other man
she is not a wife but a prostitute

He had an exceptionally bad relationship with the Arya Samaj group as they would debate and defeat him on every occasion, repeatedly!

In 1886 he debated Lala Murli Dhar of Arya Samaj and lost. His immediate response was call for another debate for which he faced humiliation. He then announced rupees 500 reward to any Arya Samaj scholar who would debate him and refute his claims. Pundit Lekhram accepted this and Mirza Ghulam Ahmed faced another defeat. The defeat baffled him so much that he came up with a prophecy regarding Lekhram’s death  (Source)

Pandit Lekharam was finally killed in 1897 by an Ahmadiyya.

Mirza was quite abusive when it came to the Hindus.  Here are a few instances (Source)

  • "The STUPID and ILLITERATE and EVIL (KAMEENA) NATURED certain Aryans of Qadian...." (Nuzool-e-Maseeh p.6)
  • "For these people (Aryans) to lie is mother's milk. They are Satans not humans..." (Nuzool-e-Maseeh p.11)
  • "Thus O Aryans!...O Impious and stone-hearted Nation!...He is a first class wicked natured and impious natured .." (Tatamma Haqeeqatul Wahi p.156)
  • "O Stupid Aryas! Go and jump into some well and kill yourself." (ibid. p.62)
  • "Lekhram's nature had a lot of element of Fabrications and lies.." (Istafta p.7)
  • "This USELESS (NaaLaaiq) Hindu was the same person who boasted to be a Pundit and remembered Bawa Saheb with words like stupid and backward.... and how evil this nature is that for pious people bad words are blurted out immediately.... thus no good person considered him a good man." (Sat Bachan p.6)

Is it any surprise therefore that the Ahmadis played a central role in the ideation and creation of Pakistan itself?

Ahmadis and Pakistan movement

It was in March 1933, that a prominent Ahmadi of his time, Abdur Rahim Dard met Jinnah in London to convince him to take up the cause of the Muslims in India and ask for a separate state.  Dard was extremely instrumental in charging Jinnah’s mind with the communal venom that set him on the path to partition and Pakistan.

In fact, AR Dard arranged a lecture for Jinnah at the Mosque in Putney London in April 1933.  Jinnah was so moved by Dard’s persuasion that he asked Shaukar Hayat to seek blessings from the Hazrat of the Qadianis.

Sardar Shaukat Hayat in his book “The Nation that lost its soul” mentions the following event: “One day, I got a message from Quaid-e-Azam saying “Shaukat, I believe you are going to Batala, which I understand is about five miles from Qadian, please go to Qadian and meet Hadhrat Sahib and request him on my behalf for his blessings and support for Pakistan’s cause. After the meeting (in Batala) I reached Qadian about midnight, I sent a word that I had brought a message from Quaid-e-Azam. Hadhrat Sahib came down immediately and enquired what were Quaid’s wishes. I conveyed his message for prayer and for his support for Pakistan. He said: “Please convey to the Quaid-e-Azam that we have been praying for his mission from the very beginning. Where the help of his followers is concerned, no Ahmadi will not stand against any Muslim Leaguer.” (Source)

When the partition happened and freedom of India was near, the Ahmadis were again at the forefront of deciding which territory will go to whom.

For this purpose, a consultative committee called Boundary Commission was set up in July 1947 to recommend how the Punjab and Bengal regions would be divided between India and Pakistan.  It was chaired by Sir Cyril Radcliffe and consisted of four members from the Indian National Congress and four from the Muslim League.  The Muslim League was led by an Ahmadi, Muhammad Zafarullah Khan.

Zafarullah Khan was a contemporary of Bhimsaheb Ambedkar and considered an equally formidable legal luminary.  He not only paved the way for the current map of Pakistan but also represented Pakistan at the UN Security Council on Kashmir in 1948.  He was the Vice President of the International Court of the Justice at the Hague during 1958-61, President of the UN General Assembly in 1962, and President of the International Court of the Justice at the Hague in 1970-73.

an Ahmadi established Islam central to Pakistani Constitution

In 1949, when the Objectives Resolution was passed by the Constituent Assembly, which laid the foundation principles of Pakistan’s Constitution, Muhammad Zafarullah Khan, the architect of Pakistan’s Constitution, ensured that Islam, and not secularism or progressive ideals, was the foundation of its Constitution!

This resolution clearly stated that Islam will be supreme in Pakistan in terms of law and constitutional supremacy.  These are the 8 main principles that defined the Pakistani Constitution.

  1. Sovereignty belongs to Allah alone but He has delegated it to the State of Pakistan through its people for being exercised within the limits prescribed by Him as a sacred trust.
  2. The State shall exercise its powers and authority through the chosen representatives of the people.
  3. The principles of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice, as enunciated by Islam, shall be fully observed.
  4. Muslims shall be enabled to order their lives in the individual and collective spheres in accordance with the teachings of Islam as set out in the Quran and Sunnah.
  5. Adequate provision shall be made for the minorities to freely profess and practice their religions and develop their cultures.
  6. Pakistan shall be a federation.
  7. Fundamental rights shall be guaranteed.
  8. The judiciary shall be independent.

This is what established Pakistan as a theocratic state for its future life.

What was started by an Ahmadi, Abdur Rahim Dard in terms of the idea of Pakistan was finally given its real shape by another Ahmadi, Muhammad Zafarullah Khan.

As Dard had wanted, prompted by the rabid hatred against Hindus that the Ahmadi prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmed - a Muslim state carved out of India - was now a reality due to the leadership role of the Ahmadis!

When the Pakistani Army coalition led by Brigadier Akbar Khan along with tribal jihadis attacked Kashmir, Ahmadis again played a central role!

The attack on Kashmir by Pakistan was spearheaded by the Pakistani Army (Brig Akbar Khan leading), Tribals, and Furqan Battalion of the Ahmadis (as boasted by the Ahmadis themselves). They indulged, facilitated, and orchestrated the plunder, rape, enslavement of women, and killings in Kashmir in 1948.

Just an example of what this coalition of Pakistani Army, tribal jihadis and the Ahmadi Furqan battalion did in Kashmir.

Nuns and nurses at the St Joseph’s Hospital in the Baramulla area were raped and killed. Looting, rapes, killing, and vandalizing of shrines and temples continued for several days. A local cinema house was set up as a “Rape Center”.

constitution crafted by Ahmadi declares Ahmadis as non-Muslims

Ironically, and probably very fittingly, the Second Amendment of Pakistan’s Constitution, which had been rooted in the supremacy of Islam for an exclusively Muslim state crafted by the constitutional genius of Muhammad Zafarullah Khan, declared that Ahmadis were Muslims no more.

On September 7, 1974, under the Government of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, a liberal sweetheart, Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims.

This was further strengthened by Ordinance XX promulgated under General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq on 26 April 1984 which barred the Ahmadis from practicing Muslim observances. The ordinance resulted in an amendment to the Pakistan Penal Code to add sections 298-B and 298-C. Subsection B prevents Ahmadis from using certain Muslim epithets, descriptions, and titles, while subsection C prevents Ahmadis from calling themselves Muslims. It comes with a punishment of 3 years imprisonment and fine.

The crimes of 1947 came a full circle in 1974!

persecution of Ahmadis?  tch, tch…

So one needs to ask the relevant question - those whose very basis was in hatred for others if given their own medicine, is that persecution?  For an ideology which was instituted by a fanatic who would openly and repeatedly abuse Hindus and had a history of targeting Hindus in assassinations, why should Hindus be held responsible to save?

So, when someone talks of the “poor persecuted Ahmadis” in Pakistan who should have been covered under CAA, remember, they are now reaping the fruits of the very Constitution they had crafted as one which set into motion an exclusivist Muslim state!

Belgium may invoke a 350 years old charter post Brexit

A charter from 1666 has come to the fore in the Brexit discussions.

Belgium wants access to British waters for fisheries, as it was under the EU rules.  Discussions are going on between the EU and the UK.

Belgium’s economy minister, Hilde Crevits his government will press the “Fisheries Privilege Charter” that was granted by King Charles II in 1666.

Publication of the Charter
“A first legal analysis indicates that — should no agreement be found between the EU and the United Kingdom on access to the 12-mile [offshore] zone — this Privilege Charter still applies,” said Ms Crevits. (Source)

King Charles II, also known as “Merry Monarch” had allowed 50 boats from Bruges to have perpetual fishing rights in British waters.

Brief story: King Charles had been driven from Britain in 1651 by a general Oliver Cromwell.  He joined Philip IV of Spain to regain his throne back and stayed anonymously in Bruges.  He became active in that society and made some great friendships.  King Charles II issued this charter as a sign of gratitude to the city of Bruges from 1656 to 1659.

EU’s access to the British waters is something their negotiation is currently working on.  Why is this so important for the EU?

Crevits suggested that half of the revenues by the Flemish fishermen are from the fish caught in British waters.  That’s a €40m annual business and it provides jobs to 2500 people.

nota bene

Raping chickens and dogs?: 37-year-old pedophile in the UK, Rehan Baig has been jailed for raping chickens to death while his wife filmed it.  Rehan Baig and his wife Haleema had previously also engaged in sex with a dog and possessed images of the same. They were also in possession of almost 49 indecent images and videos of children being abused-including 11 which were extremely depraved and some featuring children as young as six. (Source) {additional reading - Pakistan and Animal Sex – Dolphins and Deer Raped, and Donkeys Gang-Raped}

Dawood land auctioned: Seven land parcels of underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim at his ancestral village in Khed, a town in Ratnagiri district, and Mumbai apartments owned by his aide Iqbal Mirchi are on the block. The date of the auction is November 10. These will be auctioned under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act (SAFEMA). Harigovind Singh will supervise the auction. (Source)

Antitrust against Google: The US Justice Department is set to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google.  The lawsuit is expected to allege that Google has been abusing its dominance in online search to stifle competition and harm consumers.  The lawsuit, which may be filed on Tuesday, will be "the government’s most significant legal challenge to a tech company’s market power in a generation," The New York Times reports.  (Source)

Zoom ‘dick’: The very popular chief legal analyst of CNN and a The New Yorker contributor, Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended by The New Yorker after he was caught masturbating on a Zoom video call with co-workers earlier this month. Soon after news spread about Toobin’s suspension “Zoom Dick” began trending on Twitter in the United States of America.  (Source)

end of Sikhism in Punjab?

While Sikhism is being targeted and finished off in Punjab via drugs and rapid conversions, the Sikhs are busy harping on Secularism or siding with Pakistan’s jihadi agenda.  Here is a harsh but very true commentary on the future of Sikhism in Punjab.


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