Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #117 - Perfect Storm of Diplomatic Bigotry; Right to Blasphemy!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #117 - Perfect Storm of Diplomatic Bigotry; Right to Blasphemy!

(Photo by Aditya Siva on Unsplash\Chandrashila, Tungnath, India)

In Srimad Bhagwata there is a story where a King takes his daughter to the “abode” or “plane” of Brahma – the creator - so that He could help with the search for her husband.

They wait for Brahma for a few moments and when he talks to them he says “King when you go back to Earth everything would have changed. None that you knew would be existing anymore. While you have been here a few moments, several thousand years have passed by back there on Earth!”

Is this because the “plane or abode” of the creator was only to be inhabited at a higher speed?

Is it possible that Srimad Bhagwata was actually referring to a phenomenon that Einstein later came to in his Theory of Relativity and the effects of travel at or over the speed of light (Twin Paradox)?

Interestingly, Sadhguru discusses a phenomenon where some beings can leave their bodies in a way that they can come back and recreate themselves.  Such beings are called Nirmanakayas.  He says that Gautama, the Buddha was one such being.

For them, he continues, it is a matter of being gone for a few minutes.  But on the planet, many centuries would have gone by.

This understanding of the time differential between two different realms is a very common theme in many Hindu scriptures.

Now, space and time as conceived by Einstein were not two separate dimensions but actually came together.

Special relativity reveals that c is not just the velocity of a certain phenomenon, namely the propagation of electromagnetic radiation (light)-but rather a fundamental feature of the way space and time are unified as spacetime.

When Rishi Vasistha tells Ram that this existence is merely a vibration of consciousness in space, he is sharing an understanding that is very profound.

The world is nothing but a mere vibration of consciousness in space. (Maharishi Vasistha to Shri Ram in “Vasistha Yoga”)

The understanding that time and space are integrally linked to each other is at the center of many phenomena that are mentioned in the scriptures.  Including the concept of travel across realms.  Something that Sadhguru alludes to.

Pakistan’s self-goal

In a major breakthrough, the Indian intelligence agencies have unearthed a document which has been issued by the Directorate of Intelligence, Islamabad where the organization is “certifying” that head of the banned terrorist group Hizbul Mujahideen, Syed Muhammad Yousaf Shah alias Syed Salahuddin, is its “bona fide official” who is “working with ISI”.  (Source)

In fact, the letter also states that “he is security-wise cleared and should not be unnecessarily stopped.

Check this tweet for the pictures that show the type of vehicles that Syed Salahuddin travels in and the reason for its certain number plate patterns.

Any pretense by the Pakistanis to the contrary now, specifically in front of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), is nothing more than unadulterated Bull-shit.

the perfect storm of bigotry, war crimes, and genocide

As the United States goes for the elections, where the next leader will decide the future of the world - one way or the other.

We need to remember that the US President, based on his own prejudices, can influence the lives of millions.

Before the 1971 war between India and Pakistan, the Pakistani (specifically, from their Western part) army had killed 2.3 million Hindus!  In fact, Anthony Mascarenhas, a Pakistani journalist had written about the crimes that were committed by the Pakistani war criminals.

“I saw Hindus, hunted from village to village and door to door, shot off-hand after a cursory ‘short-arm inspection’ showed they were uncircumcised. I have heard the screams of men bludgeoned to death in the compound of the Circuit House (civil administrative headquarters) in Comilla. I have seen truckloads of other human targets and those who had the humanity to try to help them hauled off ‘for disposal’ under the cover of darkness and curfew.” - Anthony Mascarenhas in The Sunday Times, London on 13 June 1971

It was in this backdrop that US had that beast call Richard Nixon in the White House.

He hated Indians to a point of disgust.  All, in a highly reprehensible sexual way.

The newly declassified tapes of conversation between President Richard M. Nixon and Henry Kissinger, his national security adviser are very instructive.

It seems pretty obvious that both were aligned with the war crimes and genocide by the Pakistani army.

Mr. Nixon and Mr. Kissinger staunchly supported the military regime in Pakistan as it killed hundreds of thousands of Bengalis, with 10 million refugees fleeing into neighboring India.  (Source)

In June 1971 Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and H.R. Haldeman, the White House chief of staff, were discussing in the Oval Office, where Nixon was sharing his thoughts on Indians.  Specifically Indian women.

“Undoubtedly the most unattractive women in the world are the Indian women,” said Mr. Nixon. “Undoubtedly,” he repeated, with a venomous tone.  He continued, “The most sexless, nothing, these people. I mean, people say, what about the Black Africans? Well, you can see something, the vitality there, I mean they have a little animallike charm, but God, those Indians, ack, pathetic. Uch.” (Source)

Kenneth B. Keating, the US ambassador to India had warned that Pakistan was indulging in genocide - Pakistan’s crackdown “almost entirely a matter of genocide.”

But it merely angered him further.

When he tried to question what have the Indians done to Keating to make him speak in such a manner, Kissinger joins in to denigrate the Indians further.

“They are superb flatterers, Mr. President. They are masters at flattery. They are masters at subtle flattery. That’s how they survived 600 years. They suck up — their great skill is to suck up to people in key positions.”

That Nixon justified his bigotry on the basis of his “sexual disgust for the Indians” is very instructive.  After a long list of abuses against the Indian women and how “repulsive” they are, because of which it is  “easy to be tough with them”, he finally announces - “I don’t know how they reproduce!

He was saying this while his meetings with Ms. Indira Gandhi were going on in the White House.

It is in these circumstances that Ms. Gandhi gave an interview to the BBC where she discussed the situation on the border and the apathy of the Western countries.

Her grace and resolute way of making her points cannot be missed!

With Richard Nixon’s hatred for Indians (a euphemism for Hindus, for they were on the receiving end from Nixon’s favorite Pakistanis), and the deep religious bigotry and hate of the Pakistanis against the Hindus, 1971 saw a perfect storm.

As political scientist, R.J. Rummel said about what Pakistanis thought of Hindus – “as Jews to the Nazis, scum and vermin that best be exterminated”.  (Source)

Operation Searchlight launched on 25 March 1971 by Pakistan.

3 million people died, 10 million crossed over to India, and 30 million were displaced and made homeless within Bangladesh itself.

The scale of massacres against the Hindus was mind-boggling.  Please read this article for a more detailed factual understanding of what the Pakistani Army did - The Monumental Genocide of Bangladeshi Hindus by Muslims

As Keating had said - what the Pakistanis had unleashed was a genocide.  And, the Pakistani Army should have been treated precisely the way War Criminals are treated!  Not like Prisoners of War.  Those lowlifes didn’t deserve any better, given the scale and nature of their crimes!

freedom to the right of blasphemy

The Right to commit blasphemy.  That is what Emmanuel Macron proposed as something integral to the French way of life.  As the spoke at the ceremony for the naturalization of new French citizens, he backed Charlie Hebdo, the satirical newspaper which re-published the cartoons of Mohammad because of which two Jihadis, Saïd, and Chérif Kouachi, killed 12 people on January 7, 2015. The trial has started for 14 accused.

The French President Macron put it very clearly:

“You don’t choose one part of France. You choose France....The Republic will never allow any separatist adventure.”

But more importantly, he defined the right to expression and its “limits.”

Freedom in France, Macron said, includes “the freedom to believe or not to believe. But this is inseparable from the freedom of expression up to the right to blasphemy.”

Freedom of expression extends to the right of blasphemy.

Macron wanted to make it clear that you cannot coerce or kill someone from saying or expressing simply because he does not agree with your story.  That a book written on the basis of what was said by one man 1400 years ago because he repeatedly felt god talked to him, is so infallible that no one can treat it just like any other book is a coercive strategy.

An arbitrary strategy of domination.

That is what France has taken a stand against this time.

This one speech will set the context for many a politician in Europe.

Do the Europeans feel that their way of life and inclusive norms are the way forward?  If the answer is yes, then they cannot let the rabid exclusiveness bring their societies down!

This is also significant since it is the first time a “liberal leader” in Europe has stood up against the contamination of their culture by those who are striving for world domination with the understanding that their story is better than any other. (Source)

The right to freedom of being who you are cannot be at the cost of another’s right to the expression the way he/she wants.

You cannot announce with self-righteousness that anyone not believing in your story deserves hell and death, but the other cannot call out your obvious bigotry.

Macron has set the tone for Europe.  Time will tell if it can still save the continent or not.


Yesterday, we had discussed about the Tibetan Ninjas and the Special Frontier Force.  Today, we saw an endearing video of the Tibetan community members in Shimla cheering the Indian military personnel as they leave for the LAC along the Indo-China border.

If only some of the Indians who enjoy their way of life due to the sacrifices of the Army personnel could have the humility to respect them and shower their love for them, India could be a First World nation someday.

wild weather in the US

This is a labor day weekend in the US.  And, the country is facing sweltering heat.  This weekend, the temperatures in most places will be in the high 90s (Fahrenheit).  100F is roughly 39 Celsius.

The strangest weather will however be in Denver, Colorado.  From 100 Fahrenheit on Sunday, the city will go into Tuesday and experience a snowfall.  (Source)

That’s a fall of over 60 degrees in a matter of just a few hours!

nota bene

India’s interests beyond borders: Amid the India-China tensions in Ladakh, Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat has said that India's security will not only be maintained on borders but also in the extended neighborhood.  In the emerging security paradigm, India's security would be maintained not on International Border, Line of Control or the Line of Actual Control alone but in the strategic space of the 'extended neighborhood' and the 'strategic frontier', General Rawat said on Saturday. (Source)

Green time vs Screen time: Children's mental health and performance in school can be improved by giving them more 'green time' in natural environments and less 'screen time' spent staring at devices, new research suggests. A review of 186 studies found time spent in woods, parks, and nature reserves positively affect both kids' psychological well-being and academic achievement.  (Source)

Tech Companies Orchestrating Elections?: A source close to Google and other tech giants has said that the book, which lifts the lid on Big Tech’s four-year plot to undermine the Trump movement and influence the election, will “shake the foundations of Silicon Valley.”  “The things I’ve heard from my sources inside Silicon Valley is quite terrifying,” said Bokhari.  “Increasingly, with these hate speech algorithms, everything you post on social media will be scanned by an AI algorithm, sometimes before you even post it, and that’ll determine whether it appears at the top of people’s feeds or gets buried.” (Source)

Small island-nation key to the coalition against China: The small oceanic country of Palau has called on the US military to build military bases in its territory, an archipelago about 1500 kilometers west of the Philippines. Notably, the United States has been in an aggressive posture in this region to counter the growing Chinese influence in the region.  Palau is one of the only few countries (17), which has refused to give up diplomatic relations with Taiwan and side with China. The little independent nation- not bigger than ‘a dot on the map’, as it’s said, has become the focus of geopolitical changes in the region.

7 reasons why Bollywood is anti-India

There are very people in India today who look at any topic in a serious way.  A view that is based on facts, research, and data.

In this remarkable episode, Vivek Agnihotri shares some path-breaking research done by Prof. Dheeraj P. Sharma who is currently the Director, Indian Institute of Management-Rohtak, along with research inputs from our work on; to dispassionately evaluate Bollywood.

Vivek’s skill at synthesizing different parts of this topic is what makes this video interesting.

Why is Bollywood a cesspool of bigotry, hatred, stereotyping and anti-India propaganda?  Watch this for a detailed take on this question.

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