Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #162 - Twitter Vs Progressive Values

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #162 - Twitter Vs Progressive Values

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“Every age has its own collective neurosis, and every age needs its own psychotherapy to cope with it.” ― Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

Values and ethics are the most deceptive, lucrative, and abused ‘shiny objects’ used by the greatest scoundrels in the world.

The greatest champions of values are its greatest abusers.

I have a secret betting game with myself.  Those pastors who abuse gays in the most shrill tone possible will usually turn out to be pedophiles who rape young boys right next to the altar when no one is watching!  Whatever they think their ‘values’ are, they will abuse them in the most heartless way possible.

All the lovers of ‘freedom of expression’ abuse it the most.

Their freedoms are predicated on the silence of others.

Their values are not really values.  They are weapons to domination over the others.  Values brandishing self-important moral-busybodies are imperialist despots, who cannot tolerate your voice.  The tape they use to gag you is the selectively-defined and ruthlessly-enforced values.

why is Twitter so afraid of progressive values?

In a very interesting instance, while checking the Twitter feeds, I saw this retweet.  It referred to the decision by the French government to project Charlie Hebdo cartoons on the Montpellier government building in Paris.

This decision was in line with the pledge by President Macron that France will not bow down to the Islamist terror and fear tactics to undermine freedom of expression in France.  That was a government decision.  A progressive and concerned government that values freedoms specifically related to expression and speech in society.  Something that is central and critical for the very ethos of French society!

But Twitter hid it and tagged it as “potentially sensitive content.”  When I clicked on “View”, it showed the news item related to the cartoons to be projected on the government building in France.  No exaggeration.  No opinion.  Simply reporting of a decision by a progressive nation’s government.

Even that - the decision of a progressive government of a free nation in Europe, to stand by the freedoms of open expression and speech - was in Twitter’s remarkably regressive and bigoted world, sensitive content!

We have now come to a point where mere reporting of a decision to uphold freedom of expression and speech hurts Twitter’s sensibilities.

Freedom to express is a sensitive subject?

Or is it just the religious sentiments of one community expression on the back of fanatic violence (beheading and shooting) that gets hurt?

A sensibility expressed in shooting and beheading innocents.  Is that what Twitter holds above Freedom of Expression and speech?

The very basis - freedom to express to the world - of Twitter and Facebook, have become the greatest nemesis and pain-points that hurt these companies enough to start hiding truthful reporting (not an opinion!) of a decision (not rant!) by a progressive government of a free society?

For Twitter, and for other liberals, it is not the high values of a society that really matters.  What matters is who can badger or pay them to submission!

That is why True Indology, the one handle which shares facts on history, uncomfortable as they are to the lying liberal historians and the Islamists, has faced so much of targeting by Twitter!

Why is Twitter so afraid of the Truth, facts, and foundational freedoms embedded in a free and progressive society?

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the shallow life of Kamala Harris and her disempowering influence

Kamala Harris was born to a Jamaican (Black) father - Donald Harris - and an Indian mother - Shyamala Gopalan (a Tamil Brahmin).

Throughout her life, she has always embraced one identity and almost discarded the other.   She likes to be identified as Black.

For Indian-Americans, this should be a moment to pause and think.  Our kids will grow in the US and aspire for, just like kids of other ethnicities, greater offices in this land.  The selectivity of Kamala Harris in associating with one identity, while distancing from the other, tells something to the next generation of Indian-Americans.

Their identities are insignificant.  That, they are not important.  In fact, their identity, when compared to the Black identity, for example, is undesirable in the larger scheme of US politics.

For Kamala Harris two identities to showcase.  One, of her father who btw left them and has not associated with her much, and second, of her mother who brought Kamala up as she engaged with her family back home.

The latter, the more significant aspect that shaped and prepared Kamala, is what she decided to distance from.

Message - it was that toxic an identity!

If you are a young high-schooler looking at this subliminal message of Kamala Harris’ life, what do you take away?

That you are not welcome in the higher echelons of US politics if you are ethnically an Indian.

That is a spectacular example of a disempowering personality for many women of color who are not Black!

“Women of color” identity has almost entirely been usurped by the Black women.  Others really don’t matter.

Kamala’s shenanigans and shallow hypocrisies are mind-boggling.  Let us dive into the latest one on her admission around the use of marijuana.

She admitted to having smoked it when young.  And laughing while she admitted.  We will see in the end why that laughing and giggling is so significant!

Her clarification on the “inhaling” part was because of Clinton’s remark in his time.

But when Sen. Harris sniggered on New York City radio program that, like the sky-high Honolulu stoner Obama, she had thoroughly enjoyed marijuana—and that, unlike Bill Clinton, she had inhaled—she explained her behaviour by saying, “Half my family’s from Jamaica! Are you kidding me?”  (Source)

That statement did not go down well with Donald Harris, Kamala’s Dad.  He released this statement (Source)

This cavalier, giggly and dishonest approach from Kamala Harris is exactly what Tulsi Gabbard talked about in that famous jibe at her which essentially sunk Harris’ Presidential campaign.  Until she found the “backdoor” to the Oval Office in Joe Biden.

That short reality check by Tulsi Gabbard completely drowned Kamala Harris’ campaign!

are UP rapes linked to grooming crimes (aka love-jihad)?

Came across a very interesting statistic on the causes of rapes in Uttar Pradesh.

The maximum number of rapes in Uttar Pradesh in 2019 — 57% of all cases — took place on the false promise of marriage, reveals the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).  The analysis of data further shows that in 37% of cases in the state, the accused were known to the survivor, while around 6% of perpetrators of the crime were unknown  (Source)

The question that needs to be asked further is -

Are these rapes on account of the false promise of marriages related to grooming crimes (misleadingly called “love jihad”)?

nota bene

India censures Twitter: India has conveyed its disapproval to Twitter for reportedly showing Jammu and Kashmir as part of China in its location tag in a live broadcast. Amid the ongoing standoff with China, India warned Twitter that any attempt by the social media giant to “disrespect sovereignty and integrity of India, which is also reflected by the maps, is totally unacceptable and also unlawful”.  Such attempts not only bring disrepute to twitter but also raises the question on its neutrality, fairness, Ajay Sawhney, secretary of the electronics and IT department wrote to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.  (Source)

Economic gains from Swachh Bharat: An international research study on the Swachh Bharat Mission has now found that the annual economic gains from household sanitation are worth $727 per household. It also found that financial returns on household spending over 10 years is 1.7 times the cost while returns to society on total spending over 10 years is 4.3 times the cost. The poorest have a financial return of 2.6 and a societal return of 5.7 times the cost, the paper said. (Source)

Bonus for non-gazetted Railway employees: About 11.58 lakh non-gazetted Railway employees have been granted bonuses equivalent to 78 days wages for FY 2019-20. This Productivity linked bonus to railway employees has been estimated to be of Rs.2081.68 crores.  (Source)

India’s COVID record: India has reported the lowest COVID-19 infections per million population on the global scale, said the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). The fatality rate of the country stands to be the lowest at 1.51 percent.  Meanwhile, India's recovery rate has improved further to 88.81 percent, which is one of the highest in the world.   (Source)

Illegal Arms factory in Hathras, UP: The police on Thursday claimed to have busted an illegal arms-manufacturing factory in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras following the arrest of a man and seizure of over a dozen firearms along with ammunition.  The police have seized 14 pistols of .315 bore, three rifles, including two of .315 bore, and three unfinished pistols of varying capacities from the unit besides ammunition in huge quantity. (Source)

Ozone hole expands: The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has expanded to one of its greatest recorded sizes in recent years. In 2019, scientists revealed that the Antarctic ozone hole had hit its smallest annual peak since tracking began in 1982, but in 2020 it has gotten worse. (Source)

Dr. Jaishankar and ‘The Indian Way’

Kevin Rudd is a former Prime Minister of Australia.  Dr. S Jaishankar has been an old colleague and friend for him.  Here, in this interview, Rudd discusses Dr. Jaishankar’s latest book - “The India Way” with him.  Personally, I am a great fan of the Indian foreign minister and leave no opportunity to listen to his wisdom.

Loved: Dr. Jaishankar discusses the different nuances of ‘Nationalism’ and ‘Globalization’ in a masterful manner.

Frustrating: the CAA discussion was handled as badly as the government response has been throughout.

Let me explain.

Muslims from the Islamic theocratic states of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are at best economic migrants.  The minorities persecuted in these countries - Hindus, Sikhs, Christians - are refugees.

As per the International law of non-refoulment (it is a violation of basic human rights!), you cannot return persecuted refugees back to their country of origin.

The economic migrants, however, can be returned to the country of their origin!

THAT is the reason why CAA gives citizenship to the minorities from Islamic theocratic states and NOT Muslims!

Is that so hard?

But it has been made extremely hard by the twisted narratives put forth by extremely brilliant ministers and bureaucrats in the Modi government!

One fails to understand as to why the heck can’t we talk simply in a lingo that everyone can easily get and a logic which brooks no more discussion?  Why do we have to go around in convoluted circles?


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