Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #106 - Slumdog Millionaire and 'Mother Teresa'

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #106 - Slumdog Millionaire and 'Mother Teresa'
“We first crush people to the earth, and then claim the right of trampling on them forever, because they are prostrate.” ― Lydia Maria Child

Domination comes from the Latin word dominus. A dominus is a master.  Master who has slaves.  Romans differentiated between imperium and dominium.  Former is domination by the state and the latter is domination by a private party.

Usually, the dominium is either tacitly or overtly backed by the state.  For example, the East India Company came in as a private company.  Once its domination of the Indian kingdoms reached a certain level, it morphed into imperialism.

The Chinese companies have been known to be a front for the Chinese state establishment as well.

NGOs, as we saw in yesterday’s newsletter also extend the imperialist agenda.

Just because a private party with a smile is trying to dominate you - becoming your Master - does not mean that it will end anytime soon or it is harmless.

It just means that the whole process of someone trying to dominate you has just started.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to remain independent or be enslaved.  For, there is no other option.  The tyrants who pose as omnipotent moral busybodies will not end your enslavement anytime soon.  For, they do it for your own good.

Either you retain your free will or you kneel down.

To ensure you have the free will left at your disposal, you need to exercise free will for your own good at the very least!

Imperialist and Hindu-hate forces

Recently Bloomsbury India published a book titled “Shaheen Bagh: From a Protest to a Movement” written by Ziya Us Salam and Uzma Ausaf.   These women were participating in one of the largest coordinated premeditated actions to create anarchy in India - the Shaheen Bagh drama.  It was planned (and still is being pursued) to push for breaking India by creating looting, anarchy in some of the largest cities.

However, the book by Advocate Monika Arora, Sonali Chitalkar, and Prerna Malhotra was hounded by forces that wanted to silence voices in India for only one narrative to be available in the future.  These forces, pushing a Hindu-hate agenda have the gumption to now equate these brown Hindu women to White Nationalists.

This, when the publisher was pushed by an entitled British Christian apologist and hobbyist-historian William Dalrymple using his family’s connections from the British imperialist past, to pull out of the book contract.

Listen to this conversation with the book author Adv Monika Arora by Rajiv Malhotra.  She explains how the local representative of Bloomsbury India were apologetic and reiterated that they found nothing wrong with the book and it had passed the legal scrutiny.  Heck, they had even published 100 copies and given them to her for promotions.  Which is exactly what she was doing in the function, that Bloomsbury UK used as a fig-leaf excuse.

The question that many would have is - Why are so many forces working against India, and specifically Hindus?  What is so special?

Let us explore that question now.

Why Hinduphobia and Breaking India forces?

Because it pays.  Everyone.  From the leftists who can run a complete espionage racket for their masters abroad, to the Islamists who can do it for their masters and funders in Arab countries and Turkey, and finally the evangelists.

They are looking for numbers.  And India has aplenty.

Just take a look at this video to understand the extent and the intensity with which they work and their gameplan.

So, leftists, Islamists (and their apologists), and Christian evangelists have joined hands as Rajiv Malhotra calls them Breaking India forces.  That one book woke up the Indian intelligence agencies to the game plan against India and who were involved.  A glimpse of this was seen when B. Raman, a critic of Narendra Modi, shared his evaluation on who all were involved in denying Modi the US visa.

Who were the people who ganged up against Modi to humiliate him and teach him a lesson?

Sections of the so-called secularists in India and the US, many of them Hindus, who cannot stand the sight of any party which seeks to articulate the feelings of Hindus and give them a sense of pride in their identity as Hindus. These secularists vie with one another in visiting Islamabad and getting themselves photographed with President General Pervez Musharraf as a certificate of their secularism. Has any one of them ever condemned Musharraf for his murder of democracy or for the continuing massacre of Shias and Balochis under his rule? Never. For them, Musharraf, or for that matter a Muslim or a Christian can do no wrong. All the wrongs in this part of the world are done only by the Hindus.

The Christian fundamentalist organisations in the US played an important role in ensuring the re-election of President Bush and he owes them a political debt. They have made it appear that their action in demanding that Modi be barred from entry into the US was motivated by their outrage at the plight of Muslims in Gujarat. The real reason is their anger at his alleged action to prevent foreign Christian missionaries from indulging in proselytisation. (Source)

Now, let us understand how the high and mighty work to undermine India, and in the process fill up their coffers.

Who was “Mother Teresa” really?

Charles Keating was a scoundrel who had floated a savings and loans company and ran away with billions of dollars entrusted to his company by hard-working poor and middle-class people from their meager earnings.  230,000 people were left holding worthless bonds and the federal government was in a $3 bn hole.  He was convicted by the federal and state courts in the early 1990s.

The guy served 4.5 years in jail.

This man gave over a million dollars to Teresa and was flying her around the world in his personal jet acquired from ill-gotten money.

Teresa wrote a very affectionate endorsement for Keating in a letter to the judge in the case by throwing in some Jesus in for good measure.  Jesus has been the most ideal mascot for the most unscrupulous scoundrels who have looted, raped, and committed genocides with impunity.  He is the mask that every devil wears.

“Do what Jesus would do,” Teresa told the judge.  Thankfully, Jesus didn’t work on the judge and he did what he was supposed to do and threw that guy into the jail for 4.5 years.

However, after the trial, the Deputy District Attorney sent Teresa a letter and informing her of the billions that Keating had stolen from hard-working people and that was the money that Keating had “donated” to her.  He requested her to return that money to those people.

Teresa never answered his letter.  And, of course, never returned the money. (Source)

Where was the money going?

How much money her organization - the Missionaries of Charity - made (made is the right word since a lot of that was from despots and criminals) has never been revealed. Some had suggested that this money was shared with the Vatican Bank.

Teresa, effectively, was used as the front to raise money by using

England is one of the few countries where the sisters allow the authorities at least a quick glance at their accounts. Here the order took in DM5.3 million in 1991. And expenses (including charitable expenses)? — around DM360,000 or less than 7%. Whatever happened to the rest of the money? Sister Teresina, the head for England, defensively states, “Sorry we can’t tell you that.” Every year, according to the returns filed with the British authorities, a portion of the fortune is sent to accounts of the order in other countries. How much to which countries is not declared. One of the recipients is however, always Rome. The fortune of this famous charitable organistaion is controlled from Rome, — from an account at the Vatican bank. And what happens with monies at the Vatican Bank is so secret that even God is not allowed to know about it. One thing is sure however — Mother’s outlets in poor countries do not benefit from largesse of the rich countries. The official biographer of Mother Teresa, Kathryn Spink, writes, “As soon as the sisters became established in a certain country, Mother normally withdrew all financial support.” Branches in very needy countries therefore only receive start-up assistance. Most of the money remains in the Vatican Bank.(Source)

But was that money, however it was made by the Missionaries of Charity in the name of the poor and dying, at least reach them?  How was it being actually used and most important, by whom?

Surely, when so many governments and authorities have sung paeans to this woman, at least she must be doing something right!

Well, it turns out that if we believe such propaganda, we haven’t fully understood the filth, darkness, and pure evil that Jesus’ name has so well hidden from humanity.

Teresa and Slumdog Millionaire

In this extract, Walter Wuellenweber from the German magazine Stern shares what really went on in the homes run by the Missionaries of Charity.

How those who were lifted from the streets were not really treated but kept alive, just enough.  Just enough alive but looking bad enough so money could be raised from people who meant well for the world.  Jesus again was a great ally for this fraud.

In 1994, Robin Fox, editor of the prestigious medical journal Lancet, in a commentary on the catastrophic conditions prevailing in Mother Teresa's homes, shocked the professional world by saying that any systematic operation was foreign to the running of the homes in India: TB patients were not isolated, and syringes were washed in lukewarm water before being used again. Even patients in unbearable pain were refused strong painkillers, not because the order did not have them, but on principle. "The most beautiful gift for a person is that he can participate in the suffering of Christ," said Mother Teresa. Once she had tried to comfort a screaming sufferer, "You are suffering, that means Jesus is kissing you." The sufferer screamed back, furious, "Then tell your Jesus to stop kissing me."  (Source)

Do you remember the movie, Slumdog Millionaire?  Do you remember the begging cartel leader who would blind kids so they could make more money while begging?  How these cartels used the kids to earn millions while they fed them just enough so they were alive?

Remember the guy who runs these kids to earn money?

Teresa was one such begging cartel lord.

She used poor dying on the streets and brought them to her place not to save them but to use them.

She would keep them alive just enough so they could serve as baits for those who believed in Jesus and/or who had good of others in their hearts.  And, the image created from this “goodness” racket was then used to sanitize the moneys of the criminals and despots the world over.

That guy who blinded that kid.  Yes, that’s what Teresa’s nuns would do, but in more creative ways to the poor and dying.

In fact, several years back my sister went to serve food to the people in one of the MoC homes - called Nirmal Hriday.  While she was serving, an old man whispered to her from behind “Are you giving out the food?”  She nodded.  “Can you please give me one chapati (bread) more?  They don’t serve us much.  Needless to say, she was shocked.

Now, back to the money part.  So where the heck were those millions going?  Surely not to care for the poor.  But where?

How the Indian poor and dying funded the Vatican

This was answered by Italian investigative journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi in his book titled Original Sin.

Nuzzi also sullies the legend of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, made a saint by Francis in 2016. He has uncovered accounting slips from secret bank accounts, in dollars and Italian lire, that the austere nun kept in her charity’s name in the troubled Vatican bank during the time when American archbishop Paul Marcinkus led the institution.

Nuzzi said her accounts were so flush that if she had withdrawn the money or transferred to a more legitimate institution, the bank “risked default.” The nun, whose net worth is thought to be in the billions in the name of her charity, was such a valued client that she was ushered in through a secret door so no one suspected she was the bank’s wealthiest patron at a time when most women were prohibited from having accounts in their own names. (Source)

Now, what actually goes on at the Vatican in those supposedly “holy spaces” there is what should put the contribution of “Mother Teresa” to humanity in proper perspective!

In 2019, Miriam Wuolou, the receptionist at Pope Francis’ home and also a guesthouse for priests called Domus Santa Marta was found dead in her apartment in Pisana, just outside of Vatican.  She was 7 months pregnant. (Source)

To fully understand the context of Miriam’s death, one needs to read what Nuzzi says about the Vatican.  It should shock anyone!

But the most troubling revelation in the book is one that Nuzzi himself admits he only scratched the surface of. He provides horrific proof of widespread sexual abuse inside San Pio X, the pre-seminary boarding school where middle school and high school age boys who express interest in joining the priesthood are still sent today.

The boys of the institute, housed in the same majestic building where former Vatican secretary of State has a controversial penthouse apartment which was recently renovated with funds from the Vatican’s children’s hospital, officially serve as altar boys at Vatican masses and choir boys for St. Peter’s basilica. But the author also alleges they are actually nothing short of play things for the Vatican priests who like sex with young boys. (Source)

And, it is not as if this has suddenly started now or in the recent past.  The Popes and the clergy in the past have been running a world obsessed with Sex, Rape and orgies.  Read our article - Pope Borgia and the Sex Obsessed Vatican World.

nota bene

Grooming gang abducts Chennai girl: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has begun investigations into whether there is an organized racket in Bangladesh to abduct and kidnap girls from India.  The NIA began the investigations after it filed a First Information Report on the abduction of a Chennai-based girl from London. Her abduction was by a grooming gang inspired by Zakir Naik.(Source)

Discounted Hotels: Hotels in New Delhi started operations gradually from Saturday. Luxury hotels haven’t reduced prices much and they remain stable compared with rates in March, according to data shared by RateGain, with some exceptions. Prices at a leading hotel in the city this week are 70% lower than levels in March. A four-star property in Central Delhi offers discounts of up to 40% (Source)

Quick route to Ladakh: Indian Government is pushing for the construction of the all-weather route to Ladakh. Senior military commanders said the third route to connect Ladakh by road is urgently needed given Pakistan and its all-weather friend, China’s interest in the Siachen Glacier and Daulat Beg Oldie. (Source)

Pakistanis in ISIS: The US is probing Pakistan’s role in ISIS in Syria.  The US-backed and predominantly Kurd Syrian Democratic Forces have shared a list of 29 Pakistanis among others who are in their custody for fighting for the Islamic State. (Source)

Why Men Hit Most by COVID: The coronavirus may infect anyone, young or old, but older men are up to twice as likely to become severely sick and to die as women of the same age. Why? The first study to look at the immune response by sex has turned up a clue: Men produce a weaker immune response to the virus than do women, the researchers concluded. (Source)

Civilization in Antarctica?

Did Antarctica have a civilization that we don’t know about?  Did humans live there in the past?  Archeologists and scientists are discovering clues that can change the way we know our history.  Watch this fascinating video.

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