Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #119 - How did an unknown actress become a Woke darling?

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #119 - How did an unknown actress become a Woke darling?
“But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

(Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven)”
W.B. Yeats, The Wind Among the Reeds

While on my way to Kailash Mansarovar, as I walked around Bhaktapur near Kathmandu, I saw a man with the bowl.  He just stood still.  I left a part of me with him.  And took some of him with me.

While I was coming back from the mountains, a thought remained with me.  What was the “parting takeaway” from the entire profound nature of our experiences?  Then we heard a story from Sadhguru that brought life in its proper perspective.  It was about Gautama, the Buddha.

Gautama had left his young wife and an infant son and ran away in the middle of the night like a thief. Eight years later, when everything about him had changed, he realized that he had a little obligation to take care of in the palace. So, he took his disciple Ananda and went.

When he reached the palace, his wife, who had suffered so much emotionally and socially, came out and shouted at him for his “cowardly” behavior that night 8 years ago and how he had ignored his duties. “What kind of sham spirituality are you talking of? You have no idea of what duties are! You are a hypocrite.” she said bitterly. Gautama replied “What you see of me now is not the same man who had left 8 years ago. The body may be the same but everything else has changed. I am not your husband, nor am I his father anymore.”

She became angrier and held Rahul, their son, in front of Gautama and shouted back “For all your dereliction of duties, what legacy can you possibly give to your son?”

Gautama looked at Rahul and called for his disciple Ananda. Ananda came with his customary begging bowl towards his master. Gautama took his begging bowl and handed over to Rahul. “That is my legacy to him.”

Our lives on this planet are shameful. We don’t even contribute much and yet we make the planet pay such a HIGH price for sustaining and nurturing our existence! We have ruined the rivers, the seas and oceans, the forests, the fertile lands, and the air – to sustain a profoundly sick society and mankind.

When you see the yogis in the Himalayas living on bare minimum out of choice, they make a statement of intelligence that is rare on this planet now. A statement that Gautama made when he handed over the begging bowl to his son, Rahul, as his legacy. It is a statement that says we need to borrow our existence from this Universe, not snatch it.

21st Century Fascism: How to Silence the dissenters with the full backing and support of the Secular-Liberals

In a spectacular display of an unprecedented attack on freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the Maharashtra government has brought out privilege motions against the TV anchor and top journalist Arnab Goswami and actor Kangana Ranaut.

The motion against Arnab was moved in the Assembly (by MLA Pratap Sarnaik) and the Legislative Council (by Shiv Sena’s Manisha Kayande).

Meanwhile, Ashok Jagtap of Congress moved the privilege motion against Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana Ranaut’s office is already under siege and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has suddenly swung into motion and called her office illegal construction and sent notices to her.  The chances are that the lawless BMC authorities will go ahead and demolish her office based on a farce by throwing out arguments that just a few hours back were not even in existence!

Just as Kangana, Arnab, and every supporter of Sushant Singh are being targeted, there is one extremely troubling question that we need to ponder upon.

How did an unknown actress become a Woke/Secular darling?

Meanwhile, every media outlet which has traditionally been anti-Modi and over the years backed the anti-India forces (Pak in Balakot, Islamists/Separatists in Ram Janmabhoomi, Triple Talaq, Article 370, Citizenship Amendment Act, Dinging on Economy, COVID actions, vitiating India’s responses in battles with China in Ladakh and denigrating our forces) are for some inexplicable reason backing Rhea Chakraborty and working overtime to sanitize the image of her father.

Her father, who himself was using drugs that his son was procuring for him, as per his son’s chats -  is now getting a refurbished image as an ‘Army veteran’.

Meanwhile, they are trying to ding Kangana Ranaut and Sushant Singh Rajput’s family.


What has Sushant Singh Rajput done to them?  Or has Kangana talked against them?  Or how has Sushant’s father become so un-secular all of a sudden?

Think for a moment.  Let these questions sink in.

And then think again.

What do the coordinated reactions of - Congress Party, NDTV, “Seculars”, Naseeruddin Shah, thewire, Scroll, India Today, Aaj Tak, etc - show?

Why are they so damn coordinated for Rhea Chakraborty and against Sushant Singh’s family, along with having the urge to discredit Kangana?

How the heck has Rhea suddenly become this beacon of hope for all the Islamist/Secularists/Urban-Naxals of India?

Does all this say something that is beyond the daily nonsensical spin that goes on?

That Rhea Chakraborty case is in some inexplicable way linked to the same forces that are against India.

Otherwise, isn’t it strange that they would go so much out of the way even to put their own reputations at stake?  For, the NCB and CBI investigation could very well have conclusive evidence of her larger crimes.

Why would they do that?

Today, the whole game of coordination was taken to another level.  Look at it carefully.

Today, quite out of the blue there was a sudden proliferation of an unusual message - against “patriarchy”.  It was being circulated by the very same people who have used their anti-Modi-ness as a convenient fig-leaf to shoddily camouflage their Hindu and India-hatred.

Btw, remember this so-called “patriarchy” theme has been used to abuse Hindu festivals (Karwa Chauth and even Raksha Bandhan) and Hindu traditions like Kanya-Daan - where the Hindi-challenged idiots translate “दान” as a charity, when anyone with even rudimentary Hindi knowledge knows that दान is simply giving (heard of आदान, प्रदान?)- just like in a Christian weddings the father gives his daughter’s hand away in marriage or in Nikaah, the father gives his daughter away.  Which of course is fine and so not “patriarchy”.

So why in the world was this going on?  Because of this.

Rhea Chakraborty wore a t-shirt which signaled to those “who were watching” - that she had now the backing of certain “other powers” as well.

This “Patriarchy” message was really a dog-whistle.  It was a dog-whistle to the “woke”, the Islamist, and the “Secular” crowd that more back-up “troops” and money were “in place”.

And, as soon as that unspoken message was delivered via her tee, the “faithful” responded right away.

We do not have to point out that Rhea’s case is one that is being backed by forces that are working within and outside India to break and destabilize it.  They are saying it!  In fact, shouting from the roof-tops while they are laughing out loud.  And for some unimaginable reason, we just don’t want to look at our own morbid imbecility!

When you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, sit like a duck, stand like a duck - the chances are you are actually a duck!

And here all the ducks are coming together without anything about Rhea suggesting that they should!

Think about it - since when and why exactly did Rhea Chakraborty go from just another ‘crime accused’ to the lifeline for anti-Modi, anti-Hindu, and in most cases anti-India forces?

Ask that question.

For, on that question depends India’s security and existence right now.

Let us look at what is happening.

Open and Blatant, in-your-face Fascism

What Shiv Sena is practicing is open and blatant fascism, specifically when it comes to actions against Arnab Goswami and Kangana Ranaut.

They unleashed this blatant fascist dance over the dead body of Sushant Singh Rajput as they played games with Bihar Police, the CBI, the NCB etc., while evidence after evidence was being deliberately and systematically destroyed.

And, when none of those games worked and Kangana started calling out their names directly, the whole gang, headed by the politicians started abusing her.

When even that did not work, they went after her property.  And now, they will go after  Kangana’s and also Arnab’s freedom!

What is the natural recourse that the Center has in this case generally?

President’s Rule.

What do you think Shiv Sena will do?

Burn Mumbai up with its army of goons.

And then?

Would the Center send in the Army to save Mumbai?

But the Army is facing a two-front war on the border!

Is any of us asking these questions?

Can anyone ask the Shiv Sena and Congress to stand down when China and Pakistan are planning attacks on India?

Will they listen?

They will start painting even these attacks as those which have been brought about by India on itself.  Why?

Because we stood up against bullying, terror, and outright property theft that China has been up to for the last 70+ years!

Do you see how well-coordinated the attacks from outside, and the apologists and collaborators from within are?

Check this ‘quick-and-dirty’ illustration of how all this is interlinked.  Does it make sense?

At some point, in some god-damn part of our lives - we will have to ask ourselves - are we worth living?!

More importantly, are our kids, specifically our daughters worth living?  Our homes, our wealth, our jobs worth having?

Or do you think it is a great idea to kill your own daughters?  Behead your own wife?

No, I am not exaggerating.  Those who were finally left with no choice during partition - did exactly that!  They beheaded their own daughters, their own wives, their sisters.  It was not in some remote area.  It happened in Lahore!  Lahore was a city that was considered far more cosmopolitan than Delhi or Mumbai was at that time!  That is why most of the movie talent - from Prithviraj Kapoor to KL Saigal to Mohammad Rafi to Dilip Kumar came from there!

People like you and me beheaded their daughters in that cosmopolitan city to save them from sex-slavery and conversions!

If we let such overwhelming diabolical, devious, lying, vicious forces to dictate to us and destroy our society and country the way they are doing - Lahore may not be that far away from Mumbai.

nota bene

COVID Vaccine: India is moving full steam ahead with advanced stage trials of leading COVID vaccine candidates from around the world.  The Health Ministry on Tuesday said that while Phase 2-3 trials for the Oxford and Bharat Biotech vaccine candidates will begin as early as next week, India will also be starting trials for Russia's Sputnik V vaccine.  Currently, three companies are conducting phase 2-3 human trials of COVID vaccines in India. (Source)

Eco-friendly India: Commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal on Tuesday said the country has to move towards a world of net-zero carbon emissions as the threat of climate change is real and dangerous. Emphasizing the recycling of plastic and glass, automobile parts and clothes, he suggested that paper can be to make fresh new paper while waste can be used to generate electricity or make manure.  Goyal, also the Railways minister, said that railways introduced mechanized cleaning in trains which brought down consumption of water by 90%.  “Since it was in a mechanized manner, out of the 10% water we used today, we were able to recycle 6% of it. Our water consumption came down to barely 3-4%,” he said.  (Source)

Air Ambulance: Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Tuesday launched the country's first integrated air ambulance services. Air ambulance firm International Critical Air Transfer Team (ICATT) will run the services in collaboration with aviation technology firm Kyathi from the HAL airport in Bengaluru. This will also be the first air ambulance based out of South India, providing services for medical emergencies. Equipped with state-of-the-art German isolation pod, the service will enable transportation of critical Covid-19 patients as well.  (Source)

Self-charging ‘perennial’ battery: NDB, a company based in California has developed a self-charging battery that could last for eternity or at least 28,000 years on a single charge. They did it by ‘trapping’ carbon-14 nuclear waste in an artificial diamond-case. NDB claims that the battery can be used to power an array of things: electric vehicles, cellular devices, tablets, watches, laptops, cameras, monitors, sensors, etc. (Source)

Mysterious spots on US mountains: The mysterious spot appeared recently at Denali National Park and Preserve, 125 miles south of Fairbanks, and closer inspection revealed it wasn’t snow, park officials said in a Facebook post.  At that point, the National Park Service invited the public to offer ideas. (Source)

Indian-Tibet border - Arunachal through the eyes of a young traveler

Normally, we share some interesting, and deep videos often with a lot of data.  Today we wanted to share something totally different.

Here is a video blogger - vlogger - from North-east - Lenzing Doming.  This kid goes around Arunachal Pradesh and shares how people live there, what their customs are, how weddings are done etc.

As a bonus, we get to virtually visit Arunachal Pradesh and its pristine beauty!  Those who have been to Arunachal have told me what an amazing place it is.  But until now the Indian government had deliberately kept them ignored and Indians had mostly treated them poorly.

There is a lot to learn and marvel about that part of India.  And, Lenzing, just 25 years old kid, explains everything in chaste Hindi.

Please watch this, subscribe to his channel, and share it.

It would be nice if the many TV and video hosts would invite him to discuss his life and work and also provide him a wider platform.  We need such voices in our milieu.

NOTE: Please do notice he calls it “India-Tibetan border”, and NOT Indo-China border!

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