Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #264 - How Abhijit Sarkar Targeted Rashmi Samant!

Genocides are preceded by dehumanization of a particular group. Imaginary, innuendo-laden, characteristics are attributed to that group using hate-speech. Sarkar and his Colonials are doing just that

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #264 - How Abhijit Sarkar Targeted Rashmi Samant!

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“Genocide" is an invidious word that officials apply readily to cases of victimization in enemy states, but rarely if ever to similar or worse cases of victimization by the United States itself or allied regimes.” ― Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media

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There is a tremendous attack being unleashed on the Hindu students because of not just their faith, but as we will see, even their right to speak about their history and the crimes committed by the colonial rulers.  The universities are acting as revisionist agents of history that is relevant to Hindus, specifically when it comes to the mind-boggling crimes that had been committed against them.

Worse, they are not even allowed to have a voice.  Instead, a revisionist set of stories divorced from truth, facts, and reality are forced down upon them and even a murmur about this fascism is met with an aggressive attack, loosely veiled in terms like “Hindutva.”

The target, the narrative, the vitriol, and the bigotry in the hate speech by the professors - whether it is Audrey Truschke or Abhijit Sarkar - of some of the top Western Universities is unmistakable.

Unfortunately, the push back from the Hindus, including the students is very general in nature.  There is a trove chest of skeletons in the cupboards of these racist zealots.  It is time to open those cupboards and take a good peak into them!

(Just this newsletter issue is being shared under the Creative Common License CC0 1.0 Universal - which means, you can use the content freely without any need for attribution (you can if you like, but don’t need to).  It is our intention that the beleaguered students in the universities where professors are specifically targeting them for their faith have the wherewithal to defend themselves. So please share, create collaterals and communication to stand up for your fundamental human rights against the propaganda, the type of which, has often been the harbinger of many genocides.)

‘I am the deity of your intention’

In Yoga Vasistha, Sage Vasistha shares a beautiful story about one queen - Queen Lila and her husband King Padma.  Queen Lila, does sadhana (spiritual practice) to attain to Goddess Saraswati and the Goddess appears to her and she helps the queen attain to the enlightened state where she is able to experience the one, undivided consciousness.

Goddess Saraswati helps her experience many different worlds that arise in the consciousness.  They come to a vision where King Viduratha is ruling and while he is conversing with Goddess Saraswati, his kingdom is attacked and is being looted.  He rushes to the battlefield as his Queen comes to attend to Queen Lila and Goddess Saraswati.

Queen Lila realizes that this queen is an exact replica of herself.  Different realm, similar person.  She asks the Goddess why this is so and the Goddess explains it to her.

This Second Queen Lila then has a conversation where she asks something from the Goddess.  The Goddess allows. And the “enlightened Queen Lila is perplexed.

You see, she had had a similar ask from Goddess Saraswati although for a different reason, and at that time, the Goddess had instructed her to a meditative process to attain to her self of consciousness.

That is why the “enlightened Queen Lila” was perplexed at what the Goddess offered to the Second Lila.

Then Goddess Saraswati explains the most fundamental truth of Karma and Destiny.  You are the maker.

“I do not really do anything to anyone.  Every jiva earns its own state by its own deeds”  She explains how it is the self-effort that is the basis of what one begets, not some boon.

“I am merely the deity presiding over the intelligence of every being.”  The Goddess explains.  “I am the power of its consciousness and its life force”

This is how Goddess Saraswati has been understood and attained to, by many.  The way in which Sage Vasistha shared with Shri Ram when the latter was a 16-year-old kid.

The idea of worshipping Goddess Saraswati is not that one can get some education or knowledge without working for it.  The main rationale for holding the deity of one’s consciousness the highest when one embarks on the journey of knowledge is to ensure that one’s knowledge is aligned to the true, undivided consciousness of this universe.  One, that not just aligns with the universe, it is life-enhancing for every creature, form, and being that is in it.  For, that is what Goddess Saraswati represents.  The path to attaining the complete realization of consciousness so our exercise in the realm of knowledge and education is not narrow, parochial, ideologically bigoted, and self-serving.

When we lose that one critical aspect of education, our education is a weapon of mass destruction.  It is a reflection of our internal fallacies and weaknesses as well as the manifestation of our evil.  Words, awards, marks, and certificates are an exercise in social engineering - how you “game the system.” They do not reflect the true potency of your knowledge for the greater good of mankind or indeed the universe.

Bigot called Abhijit Sarkar

Just as is evident from this utterly ignorant and bigoted man called Abhijit Sarkar.

This is an entry in his Instagram handle.  He is sharing why he used to break Saraswati idols and still was able to get great marks and academic credentials.


This man is a personification of Anti-Hindu bigotry.  He proudly wears his deep-set hatred for an entire community which he - rather unsuccessfully - passes off as “opposition to BJP.”  As if BJP invented Goddess Saraswati.

It does not matter what Sarkar believes in but his act of breaking murtis, which are more than mere sculptures in a Hindu’s faith, shows who he really is.  An intolerant, hate-mongering zealot!

He was actually the Oxford Professor behind the attacks on Rashmi Samant who was the President-elect of Oxford University Student Union.

To understand what happened to Rashmi Samant - you have to understand two things:

  1. Hypocrisy, inherent racism, and fanatic zealotry of Abhijit Sarkar
  2. Oxford’s love for Colonial past and unabashed backing of Colonial values

Let us get started.

Fanatic and Zealot: Abhijit Sarkar

You need to understand his mind.  How this man, self-conceited and enamored by his own achievements as he is, works hard to target a female student using innuendos, half-truths, and straight-out lies.

He has his own laundry list of wrongs that he sees in Rashmi - highlighted below.  And what are the reasons for it?  Let us evaluate them one by one.  What emerges from his rants is a truly bigoted fanatic.


Rashmi Samant, the Hindu president-elect of Oxford University Student Union, resigned yesterday (2 days after getting elected), following a long list of allegations of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-semitism, making light of Hitler's genocides, transphobia. All these are typical characteristics of far Right forces in India. So, no surprise there.

This is the viral photo which shows her relatives (possibly parents) celebrating the destruction of a mosque in India and the establishment of a Hindu temple on the site. She has come to Oxford from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) in Karnataka, whose official website displays a photo of Modi, the supreme leader. She has come to Oxford directly from coastal Karnataka, which is a bastion of Islamophobic far Right forces. Her campaign spent unprecedented amount of money for a student election. Who funded? Indians can guess.

She nicely fooled Oxford students under the disguise of "decolonization". Yes, far Right Desi forces hate White people and Western modernity because they want to reinstate sanatan Hindutva "culture" with its inhererent caste-based tortures and most violent form of patriarchy. Of course they are always ready to destroy statues of non-Hindutva people whenever there is a chance, be it Muslims or Christians or liberal Hindus.

Hope students learn a lesson from this: don't be fooled by skin colour and catchy manifesto. Brown Desi people can sometimes be very harmful for fellow Brown people.

Anyway, very glad to see that she has been forced to resign within 2 days after her election ❤. Tell Zee News that Oxford students are still not ready for "Sanatani" president. 😂.  (Source)

Now let us go through the allegations to show the hideous level of bigotry and insane use of meaningless innuendos shared in a way that would shame even the gossiping maids of the royal families in Britain.  “Psst…” goes his way.

Sarkar’s mindset

This is the image he refers to when he says “shows her relatives (possibly parents) celebrating the destruction of a mosque in India and the establishment of a Hindu temple on the site.”

They are sharing the ancient mantra of “Jai Shri Ram” that has been central to the Indian ethos.  Ram, the recipient of education from Sage Vasistha in Yoga Vasistha has been the mainstay of every being from Rahim to Nanak to Neem Karoli Baba and countless billions!  “Jai Shri Ram” is a devotional utterance to bow down to such an inspirational being.  It is the celebration of the Indian ethos itself.  That has been turned around and characterized as some kind of evil.  Why?  Because those who fought to reinstate the temple that was destroyed by a bigoted invader into India also kept their morale up despite thousands of years of subjugation and persecution?

Never mind that he twists all evidence that was accepted in India’s highest court which clearly showed Temple was not “built on site of the mosque, ” but the opposite.  The mosque was built atop a demolished temple and this atrocity was reversed by the court because the land belonged to the petitioner who had the rightful claim.

Then he shares an innuendo - “Manipal Institute of Technology and Modi” adding the words “Supreme Leader.”

Modi is the elected leader in the largest democracy in the world.  By far.

He won one of the largest mandates ever in the largest election in human history!

If democracy and the voice of people are an issue with the bigots who openly call for hostility and attacks on faith and Gods and Goddesses of one religion, then there is a big problem - Fascism Against Democracy and Voice of People being elevated to the level of righteousness.

An acute level of Liberal Fascism. Where democracy does not equate to the voice of people, poor and often destitute, but to the entitled pronouncements of the elite bigots who cannot stomach that the time of their colonial exploits is over.  Sepoys and hirelings of such colonial enterprises still, in this day and age, want to force upon us a version of governance and righteousness that is dictated and defined by them in fundamental contravention to the essence of democracy!

Then comes this self-obsessed “achiever’s” greatest gem.

She has come to Oxford directly from coastal Karnataka, which is a bastion of Islamophobic far Right forces

Wait!  Sarkar uses the location of Rashmi’s birth and upbringing to dehumanize and demonize her based on his own ideological constructs of the entire population that exists in the coastal Karnataka region.  Which for reference is roughly 4000 square miles in area. (Source)  More than the size of Cyprus and equivalent to the size of Lebanon! (Source)

What Sarkar does is akin to saying that just because someone comes from Lebanon, he is a fanatic Hinduphobe and a terrorist.  You see, if I am Sarkar, I don’t need to give reasons.  I can get away with hate-speech at a Lebanese and that should suffice.

Just as Sarkar tries with every Kannadiga - en masse - from Coastal Karnataka.

This is how a narrative is constructed by those who want to target a specific group for mob lynchings and mark peoples for genocide.

Jules Boykoff shares four criteria of enemy demonization (Jules Boykoff (2007). Beyond bullets: the suppression of dissent in the United States. AK Press. p. 192).  Using Oxford as the representative of the mind-set of a colonial state (which we will discuss later) let us look at these four criteria:

  • Both media and state employ frames to portray inherent nature of so-called enemy mostly in moral terms.
  • The character of the opponent is depicted in a Manichean way, as good against evil.
  • The state is the origin of such demonological portraying.
  • There is no significant counterclaim from the state.

[Manichean Way is defined as - To be Manichean is to follow the philosophy of Manichaeism, which is an old religion that breaks everything down into good or evil. It also means “duality,” so if your thinking is Manichean, you see things in black and white.  (Source)]

The operative word is “inherent nature”.

Not something that the person did.  But something that is beyond his or her deeds - the inherent characteristic.  What s/he by virtue of being born in a certain location, to a certain family, to a certain religion, speaking a certain language, or being of a certain ethnicity.

That is precisely what Abhijit Sarkar does.  Because Rashmi is born in coastal Karnataka - a population which he defines collectively (by virtue of their birth in that region, not necessarily by their deeds) as “Islamophobic Right Wing” people - so worthy of demonization.  How he gets to some a bigoted viewpoint, he doesn’t bother to explain.

Why is the demonization of this kind so very cunning and cruel in its intent?

George Kassimeris; John Buckley (28 March 2013). The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Warfare

What Abhijit Sarkar is really doing is to think state persecution of Hindus.

The technology - quite like the “incubator babies” (read Issue #224 - The Tech Armageddon to know more about this) will emerge from this propagandist literature.  He is the one who is in charge of kick-starting the recolonization experiment.

Oxford: Ground Zero of Battle for Primacy of Colonial Rule

You see, there are two groups amongst the Oxford educators community.  The Colonials and the Decolonials.

The former group - Colonials - comprises of apologists of Colonial rule, who are fighting to ensure that the British and the Europeans do not have to apologize for or get criticized for the genocides and plunder that they committed in their colonies.

Since the biggest jewel in the British Colonies was India, with Hindus being the majority, the biggest push back and criticism of the atrocities and the mass killings via engineered genocides will naturally come from the Hindus.

So how do you pay your obeisance to the colonial masters most effectively?  By targeting and demonizing Hindus as a group!

The second group - Decolonials - comprises those who want the sins of the past Colonial rulers to be discussed and debated.  For, the British schools do not teach the crimes that their governments committed in the name of the crown and the people in India and elsewhere.  Those crimes have been simply wiped out of the books!

The greatest record of atrocities, plunder, and genocide is available in India.  So, it isn’t strange that Indians do have a say in the criticism of a Western regime that all but destroyed their land, religion, wealth, industry, and lives!

This criticism is not a product of hatred but a long-felt righteous outrage at the egregious and inhuman behavior of an establishment that knew no end to committing crimes!  When one puts Hitler or Stalin in the dock, it is not because of hatred for Germans or Christians or Russians - but outrage against deep-seated genocidal criminality that they represent.

Something that Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini shared with Winston Churchill.

Abhijit Sarkar - flag bearer of the Colonials

Sarkar is in the former group.

Let me explain.

Bruce Gilley, an associate professor of political science at Portland State University in Oregon, wrote an article for the peer-reviewed journal Third World Quarterly titled: “The Case For Colonialism.” (Source)

In it, he stated bluntly: “For the last 100 years, Western colonialism has had a bad name. It is high time to question this orthodoxy.” “Western colonialism,” he claimed, “Was, as a general rule, both objectively beneficial and subjectively legitimate in most of the places where it was found. (Source)

Gilley, as is evident, is not just a mere apologist - he is a rabid and vicious racist and cheer-leader for the colonial rule that plundered countries and continents off of their wealth, starved, and mercilessly killed millions if not billions.

Now, Gilley found his most vociferous support from … well, Oxford.   Nigel Biggar wrote a recent op-ed essay for The Times, defending Gilley and his narrative.

Nigel’s argument was very similar.

Nigel Biggar defended Gilley's approach by noting that dispassionate scrutiny of the historical record uncovers many positive aspects of Britain's colonial past as well as negative ones. (Source)

The idea is pretty simple.

  1. Show that colonial rule was benevolent and beneficial.
  2. Gaslight anyone who talks against the colonial atrocities committed by the British on their colonies.  Atrocities that included slavery, its extension in the form of indentured labor and plunder, and genocides.

Abhijit Sarkar is working on a similar framework in his “studies.”

By discussing the religious and cultural codes vis-à-vis food consumption that influenced government food policies, this thesis has situated food in the historiography of consumption in colonial India. In addition to adopting a political approach to study food, it has also applied sociological treatment, particularly while dealing with how the wartime scarcity, and consequent austerity laws, forced people to accept novel consumption cultures. It also contributes to the historiography of ‘everyday state’. Through its wartime intervention in everyday food affairs, the colonial state that had been distant and abstract in the perception of most common households, suddenly became a reality to be dealt with in everyday life within the domestic site. Thus, the macro state penetrated micro levels of existence. The colonial state now even developed elaborate food surveillance to gather intelligence about violation of food laws.  This thesis unravels the responses of some of the political and religious organizations to state intervention in quotidian food consumption. Following in this vein, through a study of the political use of famine-relief in wartime Bengal, it introduces a new site to the study of communal politics in India, namely, propagation of Hindu communal politics through distribution of food by the Hindu Mahasabha party. Further, it demonstrates how the Muslim League government’s failure to prevent the Great Bengal Famine of 1943-44 was politically used by the Mahasabha to oppose the League’s emerging demand for the creation of Pakistan. (Source)

He does not just absolve the British colonial masters who have been proven - by their own acts (how Churchill handled famines with his racist ruthlessness) - but he tries to make it a Hindu-Muslim battle.  Exactly what the British were trying to do while perpetuating their rule of Divide and Conquer.

Just particularly note how Sarkar works hard to paint the Hindus as the perpetrators of the famines where millions of Hindus themselves died instead!

Chutzpah and bigotry!

That would have been interesting except that Sarkar’s genocidal tendencies (remember how he uses the genocidal framework of dehumanizing a certain population (Coastal Karnataka) run faster than his mind.

The colonial rule was predicated on subjugation and trashing of the Hindu civilization in a manner that was very reminiscent of how the Christians persecuted and finished off the Pagans.

Colonial consciousness denies the presence of morality in Indian culture and takes the superiority of Western culture both as its presupposition and its conclusion. This stance can be traced back to the Christian theological understanding of ‘heathen religions’. This allows us to explain as to why colonialism is intrinsically immoral and why it has been perceived as an educational project. Colonialism modifies the Indian experience and replaces it with frameworks that are rationally unjustified and unjustifiable and must therefore be imposed (violently or otherwise). Finally, the chapter traces some consequences of this characterisation of colonialism for postcolonial claims about the ‘hybridity’ and resistance of the colonised. (Source)

The Colonial experiment used Christian missionaries to set the imperialist agenda - including the demonization of Brahmins - in India. (read Castes of Mind by Nicholas Dirk)

The Colonials are being countered by the “Decolonials”.  Around 60 “Oxford Scholars” have spoken up and written an open letter against the racism of Nigel Biggar given his racism-filled love of Bruce Gilley and his ideas. (Source)

“Don’t feel guilty about our colonial history.”

Read these to know what the British did and what the Colonials like Gilley, Biggar, and Sarkar are compelled not to feel guilty about -

Indian women had to kill themselves / Blighted by Empire: What the British Did to India / Our empire killed millions / How India was mistreated during colonial rule

Amritsar massacre. © Global Look Press / Mary Evans Picture Library (Source)

But hey, nothing to feel guilty about is the refrain!

Are we just making up the shared ethos of Sarkar with the egregious group of Colonialism apologists?  Let us check their public display of bonhomie over a deeply shared ethos - gaslighting “Upper Caste Indians writing against Colonialism.”

Oxford and its love of Colonialism

Here is a top British University which still commemorates Cecil Rhodes with the Rhodes Scholarship for migrant students.  Rhodes was a slave owner who was known to have profited from the colonial trade of human beings.  “Rhodes Must Fall” campaign is being run.

At Oxford, the Rhodes Must Fall campaign has become the spearhead of the movement to decolonize the university. The movement asks the university to “confront its role in ongoing physical and ideological violence of empire”. (Source)

BBC also shared the background of Rhodes, who is at the center of the storm.

Rhodes was an imperialist, businessman and politician who played a dominant role in southern Africa in the late 19th Century, driving the annexation of vast swathes of land.  He founded the De Beers diamond firm which until recently controlled the global trade. Scholarships allowing overseas students to come to Oxford University still bear his name. Many institutions, including Cape Town University itself, benefited from his largesse. Both Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) were named after him. (Source)

Oxford, of course, refuses to take down the statue of the racist bigot called Cecil Rhodes! (Source)

So you see why Rashmi Samant is a pawn who was used by the Colonials in their fight against the Decolonials - as they showcased how they could easily gaslight the Hindus with full acquiescence - tacit for public consumption albeit - of the Oxford University’s leadership?

Anti-Hindu-hatred was just a weapon to gaslight those who were standing up against centuries of abuse, slavery, and colonial atrocities which should have been recognized as Genocide but weren’t!

In a world where colonization was even today not a “White Man’s Burden” necessitating the civilizing of the brown and black people, it would have been recognized as the greatest genocide in the history of mankind!

But as Sarkar chides Samant, even to speak up against the Colonial crimes is “hatred for the White man”  Wow, that is some level of gaslighting!

She nicely fooled Oxford students under the disguise of "decolonization". Yes, far Right Desi forces hate White people and Western modernity because they want to reinstate sanatan Hindutva "culture" with its inhererent caste-based tortures and most violent form of patriarchy.

Talking of Decolonization - Sarkar (echoing Gilley) says - is “Fooling” the students.

Of course!

Meanwhile, in Yoga Vasistha, Goddess Saraswati shares knowledge that is as far away from dogma, as Abhijit Sarkar is from human rights.

“There is no distinction between the sentient and the insentient, between inert and intelligent: there is no difference at all in the essence of substances, for the infinite consciousness is present everywhere equally.”

If only he had had the sagacity to listen to Goddess Saraswati Sarkar may not have been the raging and ranting bigot that he is despite his “exam marks.”

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nota bene

Lakhs of Cattle Smuggling: Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai said on Wednesday that over 4.76 lakh cattle meant to be smuggled to Bangladesh were seized by the Border Security Forces (BSF) along the Indo-Bangladesh border. According to reports, 1,68,801 cattle were seized along the border in 2016, 1,19,299 in 2017, 63,716 in 2018, 77,410 in 2019 and 46,809 in 2020. The figures show a steep decline from nearly 1.7 lakh in 2016 to barely 47,000 in 2020. Nityanand Rai said that the BSF had taken effective measures to curb cattle smuggling along the border including round-the-clock patrolling, laying nakas, establishing observation posts, and strengthening the existing defenses of Border Outposts. (Source)

Mumbai Police Commissioner in the dock: In a fresh disclosure in the Antilia bomb scare case, the white Innova car that the NIA officials recovered from the Mumbai Police Commissionerate office on Saturday reportedly carried a fake number plate. The white Innova was suspected to be used, in addition to the Scorpio, to plant the bombs outside Mukesh Ambani’s residence in Mumbai on February 25. In CCTV footage, the Innova car was seeing following the Scorpio car, but after that day it had disappeared from the roads. On Saturday, in a shocking development in the Antilia bomb scare case, the National Investigative Agency officials had recovered the white Innova car from the Mumbai Police Commissionerate office. (Source)

Vaze Iceberg: Mumbai top cop Sachin Vaze has admitted that he was involved in the Antilla Bomb Scare case, ABP News has reported. The report says that sources have claimed that Sachin Vaze was a very small part of the plan and the Shiv Sena leaders he named played a bigger role. Vaze had reportedly joined the Shiv Sena after resigning from the Police following his suspension and had unsuccessfully contested the state Assembly elections in 2019 on the Shiv Sena ticket from Nallasopara. “I am a piece of Iceberg in this case,” the ‘Encounter Specialist’ is reported to have said. Icebergs have over 90 percent of their volume under the surface of the water. Icebergs are much bigger than they appear to be on the surface. (Source)

ISRO Plans: Over the next decade, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is targeting several advanced capabilities including a Heavy-lift launch vehicle that can carry upto 16-ton payloads to Geostationary Transfer Orbit (which is four times the current lift capability of GSLV Mk3) and also partially, fully reusable launch vehicles, among others, Chairman ISRO and Secretary DoS Dr.K.Sivan said.  In his address to the students and faculty of UPES University, on the “Future of Aerospace and Avionics in India”, he spoke on ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 (Moon mission 3) and also the ambitious Human Spaceflight program (Gaganyaan). “We have identified, understood the deficiencies of Chandrayaan-2 and taken corrective measures for the next mission, which we are planning for launch within the first half of 2022. Gaganyaan design is in the final stages and project realization has started, all efforts are on for the first unmanned mission trial by this year-end” he stated.   (Source)

$69 Million for a jpg: Metakovan, the pseudo name of an Indian Cryptocurrency investor, bought a digital collage by an artist named Beeple for a whopping $69 million. He didn't reveal anything about himself except that he currently is based in Singapore and the meaning of his pseudo name's as King of Meta in the Tamil language. Metakovan successfully bids and acquired the piece, titled “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” for $69,346,250 (42329.453 ETH), in an unprecedented sale of a digital artwork that fetched more money than physical works by many better-known artists, announced the auction house Christie's. (Source)

Metakovan successfully bid and acquired the piece, titled “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” for $69,346,250. (Image: Twitter/@MetaKovan)

video corner: Jaishankar on today’s India

Here is a man I respect tremendously - Dr. S Jaishankar.  Here he discusses how he sees what is going on in the world - specifically in terms of “Democracy reports.”

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