Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #1

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #1
Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone

Today is Narasimha Jayanti. Narasimha was the Vishnu avatar with half man and half lion physicality. His presence was important because the rakshasa Hiranyakashipu, after getting the boon of immortality (with some conditions), had unleashed numerous atrocities in the world.

It is therefore, an auspicious day to create something new. This is a new newsletter tool and will be more detailed one.

connected destinies

Destinies and well-being of India and globally residing Hindus are connected. Just because something is happening in India and groups are doing things there, does not mean that our rights and we are safe here in the other countries. Case in point is the story of Ravi Hooda


Islamists attack Indian-origin man in Canada over his social media posts, bully authorities to terminate him from job

2:52 AM - 6 May 2020

What Hooda did was to share his thoughts on the announcement by mayor in Toronto. Folks in India started working on doxxing him out and bullying the authorities in Canada to terminate him from his job.

That is the challenge we all face. It is no longer just a question of some forces taking control in India. The fact is that there is rampant Hinduphobia and networking being done by these forces across the globe. Remember what is going on in the CAA case is not just about Modi. The law, passed by the Indian parliament is being targeted, along with Modi, in the US.

We discuss the important point that most commentators have missed about CAA. There is a fundamental difference between a Refugee, an Asylum seeker and a Migrant. From applicable laws to pulic policy options in dealing with them is different. To equate the illegal Muslim migrants from Bangladesh to persecuted Hindu refugees is fundamentally incorrect.

CAA Law – Refugee Vs Migrant distinction is the key

Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) addresses a group - refugees - which is fundamentally different from Migrants as per International laws. Why the confusion?


normalizing terror

India, and indeed the world is bearing the onslaught of terrorism. Majority of it is undertaken by Islamic jihadi terrorists sponsored by different forces. In India, Pakistan has been found to be the main force behind the terror attacks.

After the Handwara attack where 5 bravehearts were martyred - an Indian army colonel, a major and two soldiers, along with a Jammu and Kashmir Police sub-inspector - the Indian security forces went after the Hizbul Mujahideen group and their leader. And yesterday Riyaz Naikoo has been eliminated. Predictably, the so-called liberal-leftist-Islamist journalists and terror apologists in India have started working to humanize the terrorists, while having nothing to say about the Indian forces. Forces which ensure the rest of the country can survive.

Following the elimination of Hizbul commander Riyaz Naikoo, here is how liberals are humanising him and singing dirges to the Islamic terrorist

As per typical modus operandi adopted by the liberal cabal, insignificant details of terrorists like their characteristic traits, areas of interest, family background, educational qualifications etc. are highlighted to humanise them and whitewash their criminal tendencies


And, then the Pulitzer prize political interference and demonizing of Indian forces while making terrorists as heroes.

Journalist with The Wire calls terrorists as martyrs, seen operating close to security forces in Jammu and Kashmir

‘The Wire’ photojournalist Junaid Bhat’s social media feed is replete with intimate details of Army movements and operations


answer is us!

We all need to evolve ourselves if we need to see a world that lends itself to peace and social well-being. Humanizing of terrorists, and curtailing people’s freedom of speech and creating false narratives to push an ideological colonial framework will hurt us all.

As Chanakya says in the celebrated serial directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi - जिनमें स्तिथियों को बदलने का साहस नहीं होता, उन्हें स्तिथियों को सहना पड़ता है कल्याणी. Those who cannot change the circumstances need to live with things.

स्तिथियों को बदलने का साहस

स्तिथियों को बदलने का साहस

Let us invoke the Narasimha in us. Compassion and love with fierce intense engagement with the world.

By Desh

lede and the nutgraf - making sense of daily clutter

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