Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #101: Palghar Sadhu murdered and Witch Burnings; Pedophile Island of Liberals

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #101: Palghar Sadhu murdered and Witch Burnings; Pedophile Island of Liberals

There comes a time when inclusivity demands aggressive single-minded battle of our being. When you do recognize that you cannot allow exclusivity any allowance or seat on that table of civilization. No matter how exalted its own estimation.

I often think what would have driven a focused, brilliant and amazing being like Adi Shankaracharya to start debating with people in his short life span to ensure that Dharma in its full glory of inclusive and serious practice remained alive. Why would he want to debate and defeat those who were okay to take liberty and play around or even diminish it? Was he just trying to have some fun on the side?

He was on a mission. To establish inclusivity in all its seriousness. Dharma is not “we can do what we like” or “everything goes” or “you can destroy us all and its ok”. But about seeking the Truth. The paths are many, but with rules and ways.

One cannot take the path of Meera and decide to add a chapter from the Aghoris way and still hope to get there. S/he will be a mess and a liability to the world. May be even devastating to others around.

Meera’s path is hers. There are rules and there is a defined structure for that path. If you contaminate it, you destroy it.

The beauty of the landscape is that there are varied paths. Not that they are jumbled swamp of “whatever goes”.

To recognize that diversity and still be with it, is inclusivity.

When those with supremacist ideas to rule the landscape come with axes and spears and want to be considered as a path, then they need to challenged and called out.

A path that destroys all other paths doesn’t add to diversity.

More importantly, you need to realize the significance of that threat.

Its ramifications. And its full scale.

Hypatia did not just happen in Alexandria.

Her disrobing and murder also happened in Palghar.

And it happens every time it is perpetrated by those who want a path that destroys all paths.


Know. Really know. Speak. And seek the Truth.

“Tolerance of intolerance enables oppression.” ― DaShanne Stokes

Sadhu-murders are India's witch-burning crimes

Between 1484 and 1750, some 200,000 women were tortured, burnt or hanged in Western Europe as witches. (Source) Many many more were killed across the continent then and even after.

Why were they burned?

Sadhguru explains the reasons for it:

Everywhere in the world, whenever anyone spoke anything other than the existing organized religion of that time, the first thing that the people said was, “Kill.” In Europe, thousands of women were burnt at the stake simply because they showed other kinds of possibilities and capabilities that were not logically understood by people. So they were labeled as witches and burnt. Persecution has always been the thing. (Source)

These killings were not just a misunderstanding of spiritual ways by religious fanatics. This was a war of supremacy.

The spiritual women (and men) could have stopped the conversions to Christianity. So, they were targeted and eliminated. And, while they were being eliminated, the religious Christians made an example out of them.

Just as Hypatia was killed by the Christian Bishop in Alexandria. Theologian Phillip Schaf describes the whole episode of her death thus.

‘This lady, a teacher of the Neo-Platonic philosophy in Alexandria, distinguished for her beauty, her intelligence, her learning, and her virtue, and esteemed both by Christians and by heathens, was seized in the open street by the Christian populace and fanatical monks, perhaps not without the connivance of the violent bishop Cyril, thrust out from her carriage, dragged to the cathedral, completely stripped, barbarously murdered with shells before the altar, and then torn to pieces and burnt. (Phillip Schaff, History of the Christian Church, Volume 3: Nicene and Post-Nicene Christianity, A.D.311-600, Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library, 1819-1893, p. 50)

Read about it here.

Brahmin hatred - work of frustrated missionaries

Now, in a similar way, the Brahmins in India were the greatest impediments to conversion of Hindus by the European missionaries. So, what did they do?

They invented the caste system and started vilifying the Brahmins. One of the most defining book of that time was by a Frenchman Abbé Dubois in 1816 - “Description of the Character, Manners, and Customs of the People of India, and of Their Institutions, Religious and Civil.”

It was the “go-to” source for many. The famous (and in reality devious Max Mueller wrote about Dubois:

the views of an eye-witness, of a man singularly free from prejudice and of a scholar with sufficient knowledge, if not of Sanskrit, yet of Tamil, both literary and spoken, to be able to enter into the views of the natives, to understand their manners and customs, and to make allowance for many of their superstitious opinions and practices, as mere corruptions of an originally far more rational and intelligent form of religion and philosophy. (Dirks, Nicholas B.. Castes of Mind (p. 23). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition. )

“Free from prejudice” and a “scholar”. In his writings, Dubois was “extremely critical of Brahmans, both because he saw them as the chief impediment to Christianization,” writes Nicholas Dirk. Interestingly, Reverend James Hough wrote: “his arguments are founded upon the bad character of the Hindoos, but especially of the Brahmins—upon the extensive influence of the latter over all other castes of Hindoos—upon the nature of their superstitions and the inveteracy of their prejudices.”

So even when there were clear indications that caste was not necessarily important to Indian social context, Dubois and other missionaries - disguised as anthropologists, ethnographers, historians and sociologists - demonized the Brahmins.

(Dirks, Nicholas B.. Castes of Mind Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition. )

(Dirks, Nicholas B.. Castes of Mind Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition. )

Over the years this demonization is now increased and done with a sense of aggressive righteousness. The words and narratives used by the frustrated European missionaries at that time are now repeated, almost verbatim using Dalit masks.

After the first obstacle - the Brahmins; come the Sadhus, Sages, Gurus for the conversion lobby.

Remember, when Gurus and Spiritual leaders like Sadhguru and Sri Sri have millions of followers who are not available for conversion, that creates an issue for the missionaries.

That is why they are on the targets of all the missionaries.

And, missionaries/evangelists in India join hands with the leftists to rake up chaos and trouble. Which is precisely why you see the “Rationalists” who were always after Sathya Sai Baba and Hindus, never said a word about Benny Hinn or against all those Catholics who claim Mother Teresa performed miracles. How could they miss a whole mass of “miracle believers”? Because they are in a Joint-Venture with them.

Palghar Sadhus murder - Christian-Leftist crime

This became evident in Palghar. Zee TV shared a report after visiting and talking to people in that area. One thing was completely shocking.

Insiders told Zee News that the Christian missionaries active here have full support from the Left-wing groups and they are involved in the conversion of tribals, due to which they face stiff resistance from the Hindu religious outfit. (Source)

The targeting of the Brahmins and then Sadhus and Sages in India is akin to the witch-burnings in medieval Europe.

When those who work selflessly - like the Sadhus/Sages - in our midst without any expectation, then they take away the whole “savior/victim/sacrifice” narrative that surrounds Jesus. Why would anyone follow Jesus, when many such beings walk in our midst live?!

The Hindu Sadhus and Yogis are the biggest strike against the story of Jesus. He surely had no distinction of being the “only savior”, when thousands and millions like him or even more accomplished roam the streets, mountains, temple lands of India.

That is why Palghar was necessary for the missionaries.

And, that is why such killings and tortures are attempted by the missionaries and evangelists. Here is another Sadhu who was driven to death by a Christian who was after his life. The poor guy made a video before killing himself.

Mission Kaali - Say No To Conversion


Saravanan was a saint in TN served people by doing poojas etc.

SI 'Antony mischeal' beat the sanyasi to to stop doing rituals.

Finally sanyasi commited suicide, and recorded a video saying Antony Michael was responsible for his death
Previously it was palghar... Now it is TN!

10:14 AM - 21 Aug 2020

This is not new.

In South Vietnam, which was 70-90% Buddhist, a Christian President took over and Ngô Đình Diệm’s pro-Catholic policies created situation where Buddhists were openly persecuted. In one of the most daring dissent Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức self-immolated as a protest against Buddhist persecution by the Christian Government of Ngo Dinh Diem.

the pedophilia and sex network of American liberals

Jeffrey Epstein ran a sex trafficking pyramid scheme from his private island in the Caribbeans. These islands were know as places where child sex and other orgies were performed.

Epstein called the islands “Little St. Jeff” and “Big St. Jeff,” though others haven’t been as solipsistic — or generous. “Everybody called it ‘Pedophile Island,’” St. Thomas boat operator Kevin Goodrich told the AP. “It’s our dark corner.” Other names have included “Orgy Island” and “Island of Sin.” (Source)

Everyone knew what was going on and it took many years and lots of investigation to indict Jeffrey Epstein. One of the victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre had alleged in a lawsuit filed in 2015 that she was forced to be a sex slave to Epstein and was abused in his homes in New York, New Mexico, Florida, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. She was forced into orgies with other minor girls and was forced to have sex (raped?) by Prince Andrew. (Source)

Epstein led a sex trafficking pyramid scheme.

Epstein, who pled guilty to charges of solicitation of prostitution and procurement of minors for prostitution in Florida in 2007, ran a years-long “trafficking pyramid scheme” from the US Virgin Islands, prosecutors alleged in a lawsuit against the former wealth manager’s estate in January. Meanwhile, the convicted sex offender maintained a vast social and professional network both on and off the Islands, which even included the wife of the US Virgin Islands’ former governor. (Source)

The visitors to that Pedophile islands included Victoria’s Secret models, American billionaire Les Wexner (Sources), Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton is said to have been there by many witnesses (Source)

Court documents unsealed on July 31 show Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre testified that Clinton also visited Epstein’s island — something the former president has denied. (Source)

Others who were connected with Epstein included Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, and Chelsea Handler.

So, when the liberals in US and India come talking morals and values and all that ‘high-road’ crap - ask them about the pedophile island and Clinton.

relationships and politics

One of the things that politicians have accomplished, along with the PR agencies they hire (like Cambridge Analytica was by Indian National Congress) is to create social fissures.

In one of the most remarkable survey results from Pew, people in US will not ever consider being in a committed relationship if the person:

  1. lives far away
  2. has a significant debt
  3. has voted for Donald Trump

This has got to be unprecedented.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton who was part of the whole clique which perused Epstein’s Pedophile Island, does not evoke as much hatred as to destroy relationships.


nota bene

Illegal money to AAP: In a shocking revelation, journalist Raj Shekhar Jha has revealed that the Delhi Police have arrested two businessmen who were transferring money to Aam Admi Party, headed by Arvind Kejriwal, through shell companies. (Source)

Land rights to transgenders in UP: Transgenders in Uttar Pradesh will soon get to inherit ancestral agricultural land as the Yogi Adityanath-led state government has cleared an amendment to the UP Revenue Code of 2006. A revenue department officer said the state cabinet earlier this week cleared an amendment to the UP Revenue Code of 2006 for inclusion of third gender in the nomenclature. (Source)

Another Church into Mosque in Turkey: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday ordered another ancient Orthodox church that became a mosque and then a popular Istanbul museum to be turned back into a place of Muslim worship. The decision to transform the Kariye Museum into a mosque came just a month after a similarly controversial conversion for the UNESCO World Heritage-recognised Hagia Sophia. (Source)

Drone warfare by cartels: The Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel (JNGC) - one of the most violent and dangerous of the criminal gangs in Mexico that is tearing the country apart - has started using the technique to target other cartels in South West Mexico. The drones are loaded with C4, an explosive reserved for military use, with additional ammunition of pellets to cause further damage. Expect the terrorists to take to these tactics too. (Source)

Manu master

His flexible hands create beautiful movements while his eyes mesmerise. Manu Master, born as Abdul Manaf, is a Bharatnatyam teacher who has worked on his craft since the 1960s.

A beautiful short movie by Bharatbala.

Manu Master | Virtual Bharat

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