Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #103: How Agile and Powerful Global Fascist Networks are

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #103: How Agile and Powerful Global Fascist Networks are

Prior to COVID-19, most geopolitical and stories of power-struggles seemed far-fetched and “for someone else”. COVID-19 changed all that.

Now a story that someone “out there” can spread a disease (China, in this case) or challenge an entire civilization (Western, in this case) is an obvious reality. And, it is impacting us right where we are.

One day, Sadhguru wrote a poem of a man who had drowned in sorrow. He had been to the mountains near the Ashram. On his way under the tree, he saw a native Indian disembodied standing in utter shame and sorrow. He had been standing there for centuries and lost his body. He had told a white man about the location of his own brother without thinking much about it. The White man had gone and killed his entire family. What that man thought was a harmless act, finished his entire family. Today none of the native Indian families survive in the entire area! The depth and intensity of the man’s sorrow shook even Sadhguru. Here he shares that poem.

An entire civilization that had tremendous knowledge, wisdom and alignment with nature was merely reduced to “savages who did bloody sacrifices.” And, no one even mourned their decimation. Now, only some remain in “reserves” like museum pieces.

This week a remarkable thing happened. An entire global network was activated by certain forces to ban a book in India!


Because that book tried to share facts of the riots that, as per the Delhi High court and criminal confessions, were planned by Tahir Hussain to “target Hindus” (Source: “Maaro kafiro ko maaro”)

That was unacceptable.

This, when for 12 years, Narendra Modi was targeted without proof (read Modi was NOT responsible for 2002 riots - Complete story) as were Hindus in Gujarat and people like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and Rana Ayyub created entire careers out of that fake propaganda. Heck, if they had any proof, then they hid it really carefully and didn’t share with any of the courts of the land for some reason. And when someone shared the trash from Ayyub with the Supreme Court, its comment was terse and direct:

“book by Rana Ayyub is of no utility. It is based upon surmises, conjectures, and suppositions, and has no evidentiary value.” (Source)

But hey, that was global level journalism because both, Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayyub were hired by Washington Post on their Global Opinions desk.

Do you see the drift of where the coordinated forces are going?

Today we will look at them in more detail.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?: Advice for the Young

shocking agility and power of a global network to ban a book in India!

A book on the terrible riots in Delhi was being released. It is called ‘Delhi Riots 2020’ written by Advocate Monika Arora, Sonali Chitalkar and Prerna Malhotra. The book’s publisher was Bloomsbury India. The release function was being attended by editor of OpIndia Nupur J Sharma, BJP Leader Kapil Mishra, and film director Vivek Agnihotri, while the book was to be launched by BJP’s National General Secretary Bhupendra Yadav. (Source)

But a targeted aggressive campaign was unleashed on the publishers.

It all started when Bloomsbury India became the recipient of a ferocious backlash from an online mob after a purported advertisement of the launch of its book ‘Delhi Riots 2020’. The leaders of the mob were some of the who’s who from the news media and literary world.

In one of the most shameful actions, the book was taken back by the publishers because of strong pressure by these forces who were helped by foreign forces.

The people who put pressure on Bloomsbury include - William Dalrymple, Khaled Hosseini, and Kamila Shamsie. Khaled is the guy who writes against Taliban and has written best sellers like the Kite Runner.

This one action by Bloomsbury needs to viewed it in its entirety.

There are Indian forces which oppose any set of facts which crush their anti-Hindu narrative. So, they will do anything to stop, silence and ban it. Anything!

And, in this case it meant reaching out to their foreign “partners”. These partners have been carefully groomed and cultivated.

Just like Malala was a victim of Taliban and Islamist forces, but refuses to talk against the crimes that are being perpetrated by the Pakistani establishment against its minorities and the Balochis, Sindhis and Pashtuns; people like Kamila and Khaled also belong to that group of “moderate Muslims” who are victims of the Jihadis, but are fine with peddling those who back these Jihadis.

In other words, it is ok for the Kamilas and the Khaleds to back the people who back the Jihadis and the terrorists, as long as these Jihadis don’t kill them.

Let me explain. Kamila, for example, considers herself a Muslim and loves London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Pakistan’s PM Benazir Bhutto as Muslim role models.

Sadiq Khan is the guy who represented the controversial and radical Islamist group - Nation of Islam in 2001 and 2002. He was also the group’s solicitor in a legal battle to overturn a ban on its leader, Louis Farrakhan, from entering the UK. Nation of Islam, among other things, has been found to be involved in converting and radicalizing prisoners.

Benazir is known to have led the aggressive calls to unleash terrorism in Kashmir. What she started led to persecution and exodus of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus.

How Benazir Bhutto fueled Kashmir in 1990s | Propaganda of Pakistan

The people who were used by those who targeted Bloomsbury to ban the book were themselves those who love bigots like Benazir (and her father ZA Bhutto who changed the constitution to target the Ahmadis!) but have a problem with the terrorism that emanates from hypocritical bigots like the Bhuttos and Sadiq Khans.

More importantly, it should also inform us of the tremendously powerful, potent yet quiet and well-hidden network of forces that are as comfortable with killing of the Hindus and persecution of Ahmadis as they are with burying any evidence of planned Hindu killings by mobs financed by outside Muslim jihadi forces.

The imperialism forces are spread globally and relentless in targeting India and Hindus in particular.

Lets look at this further in detail.

how imperialist conquest of India works in the 21st century

Very interesting things happen in this world. Congress Party and other such frustrated relics are coming together to vow to “restore Article 370.”

Half a dozen political parties have vowed to fight for restoration of the special status that was stripped last year from Indian-administered Kashmir, setting off widespread anger and economic ruin amid a harsh security clampdown. Four pro-India Kashmiri political parties and two Indian political parties, including the main opposition Congress Party, said in a joint statement that India’s move “unrecognizably changed the relationship” between the region and New Delhi. It called the changes “spitefully shortsighted and unconstitutional” and sought to “collectively fight” them. (Source)

Sad to see Congress become an organization with so much of hate for the well-being of the nation. However useless they may be, until India becomes completely and unequivocally “Congress-mukt”, their threats should be taken seriously.

Now, here is the craziest part of this news report. It appeared in - a news site for local small town called Carterville in Illinois, USA. What the heck does Carterville have to do with Kashmir and Congress?!

What does Carterville, IL have to do with Kashmir is an interesting question. And a very disturbing one, if the Indians were known to read and keep their eyes open.

Foreign Forces and Indian polity

So, lets take this whole thing further and go back to 2015, sometime after Narendra Modi had become the PM. 300 days to be exact after his election.

On March 19th, 2015 around the completion of 300 days of the BJP government led by Narendra Modi, a protest was undertaken by some organizations which impersonated as “critics” of Narendra Modi, on Jantar Mantar.

Look at the flyer of the event. It was widely circulated and shared everywhere. Chances are that someone would have looked at it with at least some bit of curiosity?


Looks all good?

Check the “Organized by” section. Which organizations organized the march? Lets enlarge it and see.

If we are surprised at Carterville-Kashmir link, then we should have been shocked at seeing Philadelphia Church organizing the march at Jantar Mantar against Modi in 2015! Right? Wrong! No one even talked about it.

Now, let us look at this march organizers a bit more closely.

This march was organized by Annie Raja, wife of Daniel Raja – leader of the Communist Party of India. Remember Daniel Raja? He was the guy who went to meet Supreme Court Justice Chelameswar after that infamous conference led by four senior Supreme Court judges against the Chief Justice Deepak Mishra in 2018. Isn’t that interesting?

Back to that rally at Jantar Mantar in 2015.

The speakers in that rally included - Ajay Makan, Ali Anwar, Annie Raja, Brinda Karat, Colin Gonsalves, Digvijay Singh, John Dayal, Kavita Krishnan, Navaid Hamid (President of the All India Muslim Majlis –e-Mushawarat (AIMMM)), Ram Puniyani, and Sitaram Yechuri, among others.

Now, here are some of the organizers - apart from the Philadelphia Church:

  • Christian Legal Association – part of Advocates International which pushes Christianity globally
  • Alliance Defending Freedom IndiaAnti-Secular group promoting Judeo-Christian “values” – Christian evangelical group.
  • Aman Biradari – founded by rabidly Anti-Modi, George Soros side-kick, Harsh Mander
  • Guild of Servicefunded by organizations linked to Christian evangelism
  • Indian Catholic Youth Movement
  • Indian Radical Humanist Association
  • Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians – MOEMIN
  • National Campaign for Dalit Human RightsGeneral Secretary is Vincent Manoharan, who is also the Convener of National Dalit Christians Watch (NDCW)
  • Progressive Writers Association – Leftist writers, primarily Muslims writing in Urdu
  • Religious Liberty Commission of Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI)
  • Rihai Manch, UP – An Islamic organization which supported the Bathla House Jihadis
  • South Asia Citizens Web (SACW) – US based Hinduphobic Leftist organization
  • United Christian Forum for Human Rights – inter-denominational Christian organization led by John Dayal – hold anti-India briefings in India

So, the question that everyone needs to ask is - what were the evangelist and Islamist organizations doing organizing rallies along with rabid Leftists against a democratically elected Prime Minister of India?

But even more important question that we all need to ask is why the heck was this never talked about?! It is not as if they were hiding it. They actually wrote their names on the flyers and distributed it to everyone. They even put it on the web for us to see and read carefully!

What should the Breaking India/Urban Naxal forces do?

Call us up?!

“Hey you Indian moron - psst psst.. Philadelphia Church here along with the other Evangelists and Islamists - hey, we are organizing an anti-Modi rally in Delhi.. hee heee hee.. do you idiots understand NOW?!”

When we allow evangelist and disruptive foreign organizations to start dictating polity in India, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Modi supporter or not, you will be stomped upon because the objective is not to bring down Modi. The objective is to stop him from stalling the imperialist conquest that these forces are engaged in!

This information was based on our article published in 2018.

Christian, Islamic and Communist Plot to Destroy Indian Judiciary and Governance - Drishtikone

out comes the 'victim card'

Yesterday, we had shared that an ISIS terrorist, Abdul Yusuf Khan, had been arrested in Delhi. He was on his way to do a suicide attack in Delhi. Ammunition and bombs were recovered.

NSG team defused the two IEDs recovered from the arrested ISIS operative. The team used a remote-controlled vehicle to lift and contain the IEDs in a specially designed vehicle where they were defused by bomb experts. (Source)

Meanwhile, his wife has started constructing the “victim card” for this



He had stored gunpowder & other materials at home here. When I told him he should not do such things, he told me that I should not stop him. I wish he could be forgiven. I have four kids. Where will I go?: Wife of Abu Yusuf (ISIS operative arrested from Delhi y'day) in Balrampur

2:44 AM - 23 Aug 2020

“He had stored gunpowder and other materials”, she says. This “other materials” included (Source):

  • Explosive belt,
  • jacket containing explosive packets,
  • cylindrical metal boxes containing explosives,
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), weighing approximately 15 kilograms in two pressure cookers, and
  • ISIS flags.

With that kind of “other material” preparation, did this lady even once think of those who would have lost their lives? The parents, the kids, the family members!

So, on what basis is she expecting that someone will have any sympathy for a sick psychopath like her, who knew what was being planned but never informed anyone. In all probability was part of it. A plan to kill, maim thousands!

Finally, such terrorists should stop being interviewed by the press and given a platform.

Abdul-bhai and his Arab love

And, Saudi Arabia destroyed the mosques where Mohammad used to offer his Namaz. Why? To build a flyover. Now, the Saudis want to rewrite the Quran.

But our Abdul-bhai from Chinchpokli is sad and mad. Because a mosque built by Babar in memory of Babri, his “toy-boy” or sex-slave, whom he purchased from a Kabul bazaar was demolished because it was built on a temple of a kafir. (Source)

You know what? Abdul-bhai cannot even complain against the Saudis because he knows that they don’t give a rat’s arse about his opinion and call him a “Hindu” when they are talking amongst themselves about him.

Abdul-bhai calls himself Arab and hates the kafir Indian civilization. But Arabs think he is worse than a dog.

Abdul bhai also loves the Caliphate and wants the Ottoman Empire back. But Arabs hate Caliphate and Turks and never want the Ottoman Empire.

Abdul bhai loves Arab women, but Arab women don’t marry Indian Muslims.

Abdul bhai is happy and explains why Hindu kafirs should not be allowed in Mecca. Arabs, however, take Abdul bhai’s money during hajj and don’t let him ever buy land in Saudi Arabia or settle there.

Abdul bhai wants Arab/Sharia rule in India. But Arabs will never give Abdul bhai citizenship in a country they call theirs!

Abdul bhai hates the Israelis, is devout and wants freedom for Palestinians. And Arabs want Israeli technology and are making agreements with Jews.

Abdul bhai prays for death of “Darindar Modi”, but Arabs love H.E. Mr. Narendra Modi and give him their highest awards!

Its a very sad life for Abdul bhai indeed.

(adapted from a message received)

nota bene

Gamers may cross 300 mn in India: Whether it’s engaging with the newest industry releases or online betting, gaming in India is on the rise and the number of gamers in India expected to cross 300 million in the coming years. One of the major factors that will see India grow into a gaming powerhouse is the accessibility and affordability of gaming hardware. (Source)

China’s occupation of Nepal: According to a report by the Survey Department of Agriculture Ministry of Nepal, China has illegally occupied Nepal’s land in several places spreading over seven bordering districts. The report stated Beijing is fast moving forward and further pushing Nepali boundaries by encroaching more and more landmass. (Source)

Hack your key from Sound: Researchers at the National University of Singapore published a paper earlier this year detailing how, using only a smartphone microphone and a program they designed, a hacker can clone your key. What’s more, if a thief was able to install malware on your smartphone, smartwatch, or smart doorbell to record the audio from afar, they wouldn’t even need to be physically nearby to pull off the attack. The key (ahem) to the attack, dubbed SpiKey, is the sound made by the lock pins as they move over a typical key’s ridges. (Source)

North Korean Kim in coma: Chang Song-min, a former aide to South Korea’s late president Kim Dae-Jung on Sunday fired up rumours by claiming that North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is actually in a coma and that his sister, Kim Yo-jong, is presently poised for power to take over North Korea. (Source)

empires of dirt

So many, specifically the Indian brown sepoys, argue what an amazing thing British colonialism was.

Was it really? Here is a very detailed and informative video by Vice News. Worth a watch!

How Britain Stole $45 Trillion from India with Trains

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